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‘Ozark’ Showrunner Chris Mundy Teases ‘Impossible’ Job for Byrdes in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

The hit Netflix series “Ozark” is back for its fourth and final season and you can surely bet it’s going to be a wild ride.

“Ozark” showrunner Chris Mundy recently gave fans a sneak peek into what the fourth season will hold. As you might expect, Mundy says the Byrde’s will be facing a tough chore to hang onto their lives and family. The third season ended with Navarro having his attorney shot right in front of Marty and Wendy. It was a message job to inform the Byrdes that they are next on the chopping block if they fail. You can bet they received the message loud and clear.

“One more task and they’re really, truly out,” Mundy says. “The Byrdes are suddenly serving two masters: Navarro and the FBI. Both are ruthless in their own way.”

Indeed the Byrdes are dealing with two deadly organizations. The FBI wants the Byrdes to give up Navarro’s location. Navarro wants the Byrdes to clear a path for him out of the criminal world. Talk about a rock and a hard place — that is where the Byrde family finds itself.

All three seasons of “Ozark” have been nothing short of a thrill a minutes roller coaster ride. The show has garnered all sorts of acclaim for its acting, storyline, and pacing. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney portray the lead “Ozark” characters, Marty and Wendy Byrde. Marty launders dirty money for a powerful drug cartel. Wendy became involved in the operation in a previous season and uses her political skills to assists Marty’s efforts. The couple turned an old paddle boat into a river casino in the third season to help with their laundering scheme. Now, however, Navarro, leader of the cartel, wants to work even more “closely” with the Byrde family.

‘Ozark’ Heads Into Fourth and Final Season

Since coming to streaming giant Netflix a couple of years ago, “Ozark” has its viewers hooked. The fast pacing and fearlessness of the writing gives fans one of the most exciting shows on television.

The fourth and final season of “Ozark” will be split into two parts. The first part was made available today (Friday) and the second part will come later this year. Mundy spoke on the decision to split up the season into two parts.

“There hasn’t been a decision made as to how far apart the two half-seasons will be,” he says. “It’s tricky, as writers, because we have to think of it as one final act and, yet, we also realize that people are going to experience it as two different viewing experiences. So, there has to be a satisfying end to the first half and the feeling of beginning in the second — and yet it all needs to be rolling downhill toward our conclusion. We’ve talked endlessly about how to pull off both of those things because, on paper, they don’t easily coexist.”