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‘Ozark’ Showrunner Opens Up About Jonah Actor Skylar Gaertner’s Growth Over the Years

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

As Ozark fans continue to register exactly what happened during the first part of the show’s fourth and final season, the showrunner of the hit Netflix series, Chris Mundy, opens up about the growth of Skylar Gaertner over the years. 

While speaking about Gaertner, who plays Jonah on the series, the Ozark showrunner told The Hollywood Reporter, “Skylar, every year, he just gets better as an actor. So it was really feeling like we had to answer to that moment from the end of season three, and we knew Skylar could handle whatever we gave him.”

Mundy also stated that it helps that the Ozark star turned 18 at the end of filming and was 12 or 13 when the show first started. “He obviously changed more than most did — the rest of us just looked the same, but a little older, while he looks like a whole different person. I think that did help make his scenes with Ruth feel more like a partnership.”

Also speaking about how Wendy (Laura Linney) considered turning Jonah into the police for money laundering, the Ozark showrunner explained more details about the mother and son interaction. “Wendy wasn’t acting rationally, so we didn’t want to apply too much rationality for her.”

Mundy further explained that the Ozark character was thinking Jonah wasn’t laundering for him and Marty (Jason Bateman). He was laundering for someone else. “So it wouldn’t topple their own organization. I think it was real desperation. Obviously, Wendy is smart and ruthless. But there’s an immaturity to her at times. And that was driving that moment for her.”

Chris Mundy Shares His Thoughts About the Relationship Between ‘Ozark’ Characters Wyatt and Darlene

While discussing the relationship between Ozark characters, Wyatt and Darlene, Chris Mundy stated that baby Zeke was a factor in Wyatt’s decision to be with Darlene over running away with Ruth. “There were two things: One is that he was pulled by Zeke and wanting to be responsible for Zeke. But when it really when it comes down to it, I don’t think Wyatt wanted to leave. It’s the same reason he didn’t go off to the University of Missouri when he was accepted there.”

Mundy further declared that Wyatt had the intellect and the dream of going beyond the Ozarks. “But he realized he was happy and realized it was OK to feel like a local and be proud of that. That was a big revelation for him. In his heart of hearts, even though he and Ruth are so close, he didn’t want to leave.”

Unfortunately for Wyatt, his decision to stay with Darlene did not go the way he thought he would. After Darlene apologized for not shutting down her drug business, Omar Navarro’s nephew and newcomer Javi Elizonndro shot and killed her. He then shot Wyatt and said, “Sorry whoever you are.”