‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Explains How Marty Compares to His Iconic ‘Arrested Development’ Character

by Chase Thomas

Jason Bateman has evolved a lot over the years in Hollywood. He has played all sorts of roles. He has headlined comedy shows and dramas. He is one of the more versatile workers in the business today. However, his two biggest roles to the point on the small screen just might be “Ozark” and “Arrested Development”. As folks know who watched both programs, the two shows could not be further apart in the tone and content. However, Bateman is still the leading character in both shows that began nearly twenty years apart from one another.

However, both shows are still wildly loved and frequently binged on the streaming giant Netflix. Well, “Ozark” star Jason Bateman explained to The Guardian how Marty Byrde compares to his iconic “Arrested Development” character Michael Bluth. He said, “I think they have similar blind spots. Their arrogance and hubris leads to early decisions. Perhaps they should think a little bit longer about what they do.”

Blind spots are an interesting comparison by Bateman. Both characters care very much for their family, but they are prone to extremely self-destructive choices that affect the family. The struggle to see through the trees, as they say. Both characters are good with numbers and running a business, but both struggle with people, especially in their own families. They don’t see how their choices affect those around them.

End Game for ‘Ozark’

(Note: Spoilers for Season 4: Part 1 head.)

How will it all end for “Ozark”? Well, that’s what folks are wondering now. Part 1 of the hit drama on Netflix got released to the public on Friday. Since its release, folks cannot stop talking about the ending. Specifically, what happens with Ruth Langmore? The fan-favorite has gone through so much. In the last seven episodes, she was on an island torn between the Byrdes and her own family and Darlene. She did not have any great choices, so she bought the Lazy-O motel and worked with family. Ruth makes it clear all she wants is a happy ending riding off into the sunset with her family.

However, that is all out the window now with the ending of Part 1. Viewers have never seen Ruth scream and lose control of her emotions to this extent. Now, she is on a mission of vengeance in those final seven episodes. But how will it play out for Ruth?

Or the Byrdes? Part 1 opened with a flash-forward of the four family members leaving the town behind. Do they actually escape the land of the Ozarks? How do the Byrdes deal with Ruth and the Navarro cartel? Specifically his nephew? These are all questions that make the final seven episodes so intriguing for fans.

You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.