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‘Ozark’ Star Jessica Frances Dukes Talks Being Star Struck on Set

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)

It has almost been a week since Season 4: Part 1 of “Ozark” was released on Netflix. The program has hit record numbers for the streaming giant. With seven episodes, the remaining folks are just as locked in as to how it all ends as ever before. One of those stars of the final season, though, is Jessica Frances Dukes. She plays the role of Agent Miller and makes a huge choice that changes the trajectory of the final seven episodes. However, the “Ozark” star revealed in a new interview how she was star-struck on set.

Frances Dukes said, “I walked on the first day and I was with Laura Linney, and [she] is everything to any actress coming up. She’s just epic.” Linney is a legend in the business and has excelled as Wendy Byrde. She continued, “To have her on the very first day … it was absolutely magical. I’ve learned so much from both Jason [Bateman] and Laura and Julia [Garner] and the whole cast.”

Garner, of course, has also won two Emmys for her role in the program. The show is stacked with talent and Frances Dukes was star-struck at the opportunity of working with these Hollywood icons.

Her character figures to play a massive role in the final seven episodes of the show. However, only time will tell.

Charlie Tahan on “Ozark”

Another star from the final season has been Charlie Tahan. He spoke with Esquire about his Wyatt character.

Tahan said, “The main thing I always say is, he’s struggling with his confidence in his abilities to get out and carve his own life out. He was thinking [about] what Ruth would want from him. Ruth, obviously, feels a lot of guilt later on in the show, but even at the start, Ruth puts her eggs into making sure Wyatt is OK. In that scene, it’s just Wyatt humbly accepting responsibility for the makeshift family he’s made for himself. Whether it’s right or wrong, I think it’s just something in that moment that he feels he has to see through.”

It’s hard for him. To leave Ozark. He does not know what to do, so he stays where he thinks it’s safest.

He concluded, “Yeah. I think the option that Ruth was waiting for was, in some capacity, just to get out of the neighborhood. And I think she put a lot of emphasis on Wyatt’s intelligence. He seemed like he had a pension for academia. It just seems like something that I think Ruth would hope for, [that Wyatt] wouldn’t have the similar cyclical life that her family had. She wanted Wyatt to break that pattern. And I think Wyatt would’ve liked to, too. He just hasn’t had anyone from the outside world telling him and inspiring him to do his own thing. Separate from Ruth, he kind of thinks that he is at a place where it’s as good as it’s going to get for him. I think he found some purpose between Season Three and Four with Zeke.”

He did find purpose with Zeke and Darlene, but it certainly came with a cost. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.