‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Explains Difficulties of New Role in ‘Inventing Anna’

by Chase Thomas

“Ozark” is coming to a close sooner rather than later. With the show wrapping up sooner rather than later fans of the program have been wondering what some of the show’s biggest stars might tackle next. Well, now we know that Julia Garner, who plays Ruth Langmore on the program, will star in the new Shonda Rhimes movie “Inventing Anna” where she plays the lead role. “Ozark” star Julia Garner explained the difficulties of the new role in the film with the AP.

She said, “She’s trying to be what’s she not.” “I literally had to have an accent with different accents,” Garner further explained. The role of playing Anna is complicated as she is a Russian pretending to be a German. However, she is all over the place and because she tries to be so many different people she’s not, it makes playing the role rather difficult. Especially in the accent department.

Ruth Langmore on “Ozark”

Ruth is in a curious position as “Ozark” ends things in the last seven episodes. Langmore is at an emotional high because of what Javi did to her cousin Wyatt and Darlene. Now, though, Ruth is looking for vengeance. She has nothing left to lose in the series. The closing scene of Ruth yelling at the Byrdes is all fans of the program are talking about. After losing Wyatt, and her boyfriend Ben last season, Ruth is over it all. She talks to Jonah about who it was and he gave the name of Javi to her.

The last seven episodes set up a showdown between Ruth and the cartel. However, she has become close with Jonah Byrde. He is heavily involved in her operation. Will Javi target both of them because of the information that Jonah gave Ruth?

Wendy Byrde on ‘Ozark’

Perhaps the biggest wildcard remaining is the future of Wendy Byrde. Not Marty. Wendy has become a gigantic figure in the political sphere across the country in the last two seasons. One theory posits that she’s too big now to fail. She is well insulated enough that Wendy can do just about anything now with her political capital. How will that work getting her family out of the cartel and away from Javi in the final seven episodes?

Add to that her worsening relationship with Jonah. Wendy has already sacrificed her brother. Would Wendy take it a step further and sacrifice one of her own. Wendy has shown that she is more cerebral than even Marty and the two could not be operating on further wavelengths at the moment. Will she save Jonah if the opportunity presents itself where he needs her?

You can watch every episode of the program on Netflix.