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‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Is Planning Her Next Con With New Trailer for ‘Inventing Anna’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Julia Garner has broken out to Hollywood stardom by starring on the hit Netflix crime drama Ozark. Her character has been a scene-stealer for years now, and with the show coming to a close in 2022, many fans were wondering what was next for Garner.

Well, here comes Inventing Anna where Garner looks to be playing a similar character.

The series will begin with nine episodes set to kick off on February 11, 2022. The story will revolve around Anna, played by Garner, versus a journalist who is working to figure out the truth behind the conwoman.

Garner As Ruth on ‘Ozark’

Folks like their programs for a variety of reasons. Some latch onto shows because of the plot, others because of the characters themselves. For Ozark, it’s likely a mixture of both. The plot can get rather insane at times, but folks love spending time watching the Byrdes, but they also love Ruth Langmore. Ruth is unique in so many different ways as an on-screen character. Her language and confidence and demeanor shine bright on the show. You remember the scenes with Ruth and you remember her relationship with Marty and why it is so complicated and tragic.

Garner said of Ruth, “To me, trauma is trauma. With Ruth, her main thing is she doesn’t have women. She only knows how to be with men. But she’s not with men who respect women, or they’re not good men.”

Ruth was dealt a bad hand in life in the land of the Ozarks. She’s doing the best she can with the situation she was dealt. Marty believes in her intelligence and ability, but he’s just not a good man, which only adds to the long list of men who bring her down.

Bateman on Garner

Bateman said of Garner’s talent, “She just so easily communicates vulnerability as well as strength.” He’s not wrong here in his assessment. It’s what makes Garner shine on Ozark as Ruth. She is elite as walking those two lines. In one episode, you usually see both sides of Garner and what makes Ruth such a tragic character because she is almost trapped.

Bateman continues, “That’s a real testament to her talent, that she can pull off both ends of that spectrum.” High praise from the star of Ozark and one of the best actors today. Bateman knows all about this working on Ozark and starring in television shows like Arrested Development. His words are powerful in this regard. He knows what it’s like to bounce between the two worlds. Batman knows it so difficult to play both sides of the fence as a character.