‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Opens Up About Playing a Conwoman Again

by Thad Mitchell

The success of the Netflix megahit “Ozark” has sent actress Julia Garner’s Hollywood star rising toward the sky.

Now, the “Ozark” star is parlaying the show’s success into even more opportunities. With “Ozark” in its final season, Garner needed a new project and was quick to find one. The young actress is in high demand now that the world has seen her talent, portraying Ruth Langmore on the Netflix series. Garner’s latest project, “Inventing Anna,” will make its premiere later this month. The series is based on actual events and Garner will play the titular character, Anna Delvey, a con woman who schemes her way into the New York high society scene. The “Ozark” actress joined the Jimmy Fallon Show last night (Wednesday) to talk about her new project. Fallon reveals “Inventing Anna” is based on a “true, cool story” and Garner says she is excited for the world to see it.

“It’s based off of a Cut article and it’s about this girl who scams New York’s high society and pretends to be something she is not,” Garner says. “She is a very complex character. It is kind of better to watch it.”

One particular reason that Garner has received much acclaim for “Ozark” is her accent as Ruth Langmore. She really nails the southern Missouri speech pattern adding authenticity to the show. As Anna Delvey, she will have a completely new accent.

“That was probably the hardest accent I have ever done,” she proclaims. “It was a different mixture of accents. This is a girl who is saying she is German, but she’s really Russian — so she’s not going to have a German accent. I had to do, like, a European, like a German accent — but it’s very subtle.”

‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Shares Preparation For ‘Inventing Anna’

One step toward becoming Anna Delvey that Garner took was to meet the real Anna Delvey. The con woman is currently in a Buffalo, New York prison. The “Ozark” actress had kind things to say about meeting her as she dove into her new role.

“She’s actually really sweet,” said Garner, 28. “She was extremely charming. She’s very gentle. But then her voice gets less soft-spoken when she wants something.”

Delvey, now 30-years-old, earned fame by conning members of high society in New York. She was able to mingle with the city’s elite by pretending to be a wealthy German Heiress with a net worth north of $60 million. She is actually a middle-class Russian who moved to America and became a pretend socialite.

Garner says she wants to tell Delvey’s story the best way she can.

“People don’t necessarily have to agree with what she did,” she says. “But I want to help people try to understand why she did it.”

“Ozark” fans are certainly glad to have more Julia Garner coming their way. “Inventing Anna” will be available on Netflix on February 11.