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‘Ozark’ Star Labels Laura Linney ‘One of America’s Greatest Actors’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

A rising star in the Hollywood scene, Joseph Sikora’s work on the Netflix thriller “Ozark” has put him on the map.

Sikora is one of several standout members of the “Ozark” cast, playing mobster Frank Cosgrove, Jr. He is also the son of Kansas City mob boss Frank Cosgrove, Sr., and will assume a larger role with his father now dead. Sikora is surrounded by an all-star cast that makes “Ozark” one of the best shows on television. The terrific cast includes Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sikora singles out Linney for high praise, calling her one of the greatest actors in the country.

“It was such an honor to be a part of that show, I think it’s one of the great shows on television,” he says. “Jason Bateman is an amazing director and an amazing actor, and Laura Linney is one of America’s greatest actors.”

“Ozark” fans have no qualms with Sikor’sa description of Laura Linney and she is the pulse of the series. She plays Wendy Byrde on “Ozark,” wife of Marty Byrde (Bateman) and mother to Charlette and Jonah. She is anything but your normal house wife as she involves herself with Marty’s money cleaning scheme and complex laundering system. Wendy loves her family and will do anything to keep them safe, which means she has to be in constant motion. She also handles the political angle to her husband’s “occupation” as the Byrdes gather more and more political power. The first half of the fourth season has her making the necessary moves to ensure that the Byrde family is at the top of the political food chain.

‘Ozark’ Star Laura Linney Shares Thought on Wendy’s Status

The Byrde family are the primary protagonist of “Ozark” but fans of the show wonder if they should be pulling for the anti-hero family. In an interview with GQ, Linney reveals that she is sometimes not sure if Wendy is a hero or villain.

“I don’t know if she’s the villain,” she says. “She certainly does not behave well. It is not a character who you aspire to be, I hope. I don’t know if she’s the villain because she’s not trying to hurt her family. She’s trying to save her family. I think if she were actively, intentionally trying to derail her family then she would be a real villain. Normally, the villain is the person who goes after the protagonist, tries to thwart the protagonist. That’s not who she is. I don’t know quite what she is but she’s not that.”

The second half of “Ozark” season four is shaping up to be one wild ride — and that shouldn’t surprise fans one bit.