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‘Ozark’ Star Reveals Moment from Season 4, Part One that Shocked Him

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix)

The Netflix drama, “Ozark,” is known for a number of surprise moments on the show that shocked everyone who had been watching it. The first half of the final season was released on Netflix a bit longer than a week ago. Already, the show is breaking records. Fans binge-watch the drama that now only has seven episodes remaining that figure to be released at the tail end of 2022. One of the final big-time storylines heading into those final seven episodes is the fallout from Javi Navarro’s actions towards Darlene and Wyatt. If it shocked you watching it at home, you’re not alone, as it shocked the actor who played Javi, too.

Alfonso Herrera told EW, “That was hard, man.” He continued, “Because when I arrived to set, it was the first time I was meeting them both. And I remember I just hugged them, and they said, ‘This is going to be tough,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know if I have to say this an honour, or I’m just sad, but it’s a complete pleasure to work with you and to be with you in this process.”

The Final Scene

It was tough for him. That scene was tough for the actors who played the roles on the program. Also, for the fans watching it at home.

Herrera also said, “They were very generous, and it was emotional when we finished.” The scene was a lot to handle. It asked a lot from the actors. He concluded, “Not just for me, but for the whole cast and crew. They’ve been there since the beginning, so it was a very heartfelt goodbye from everyone to them.”

With the show wrapping up faster than ever, this kind of thing was bound to happen. It doesn’t make it any less easy for folks, though.

Ruth Langmore on ‘Ozark’

Javi’s actions towards Darlene and Wyatt were gigantic for the end game of the program. Now, the final moments of the first part of the final season featured Ruth Langmore as angry and emotional as fans had ever seen her. Javi made a big decision that left Ruth all alone, one season removed from her losing Ben Davis. Ruth is dealing with all sorts of grief heading into the final seven episodes.

However, with Omar arrested via Agent Miller who went rogue, Javi is running things for the cartel family. Ruth is searching for vengeance in those final seven episodes, but will the Byrdes get involved? How will the flash-forward work in those final seven episodes? Fans had never seen Ruth that enraged and now she has nothing left to keep her grounded. Everyone is gone and her sights are firmly set on Javi and the cartel.