‘Ozark’ Star Teases Return For Some ‘Unfinished Business’

by Chase Thomas

Ozark returns this Friday on Netflix after almost a year and a half away. Fans are obviously excited and nervous about where the series is headed as we enter the final season of the program in 2022. Folks are wondering how the Byrdes are going to try and get out from under the Navarro family once and for all, along with the budding rivalry with Ruth and Company. However, one villain is returning that folks may have forgotten about: Frank Cosgrove Jr.

Yes, Cosgrove Jr. is back for this season of the program. Remember, the last we saw of him he had gotten shot in a really bad place. Joseph Sikora who plays Cosgrove Jr. said to EW, “It’s an incredibly tough spot.” He continues, “But when you have a writer that is as gifted as Chris Mundy, the showrunner of Ozark, you can do anything. The old expression that comes to mind is sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. He’s able to write fiction as truth. So people are going to be incredibly excited at season 4 of Ozark, the finale season, and I think that the audience will really enjoy the twist of how Frank Jr. shows up, why he shows up, and how did he survive? Everything will be explained.”

The Character’s Future

High praise for the showrunner Mundy. He is excited about and he’s excited about his character returning. He even goes on to say there will be a ‘twist’ involved in it, somehow.

One has to imagine it will deal with Lisa Emery’s character who is now partnered up with Ruth and her brother. He said of their opposition, “Lisa Emery, what an amazing, nice, genuine and generous actor, who was so inviting to me. Last season we didn’t really have a whole lot to do… that wasn’t at the end of a gun anyway. But, obviously, at least in some capacity, those two have some unfinished business.”

‘Unfished business’, for sure. Only time will tell how Mundy brings Cosgrove Jr. back into the fold on Ozark.

Chris Mundy on ‘Ozark’

Munday has put together a brilliant show. It’s a show that so many folks caught on through binge-watching on Netflix, especially in the early stages of the pandemic. The show now enters the last season and folks wonder where it is going. Who will be the focus? Last season, it was the failing marriage between the Byrdes.

Now what? With the show’s ending rapidly approaching. Now what? He told Final Draft, “There’s the control of the marriage, the business, the ebb and flow of it all; at the end of season two, the Byrdes realized the marriage would not work without more of a balance between the two of them.”

You can watch ‘Ozark’ on Netflix.