‘Ozark’ Still Has to Answer a Mysterious Flash Forward Before the End

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

The hit Netflix series “Ozark,” has been an adrenaline-fueled, heart-pumping thrill ride since its very first episode. Now in its fourth season, “Ozark” has no intention of slowing down with just seven more episodes left before the series finale.

Warning: “Ozark” Season Four Spoilers Ahead

“Ozark” watchers go quite a shock with the opening scene of the fourth season — in more ways than one. The scene shows the typically dysfunctional Byrde family cruising along in their minivan. All seems right with the Byrdes as they discuss their upcoming plans to head back to Chicago. It is a serious curveball for viewers as we are used to seeing the Byrde family in complete chaos. But they look at ease and appear to be a normal, happy family as they ride along.

Then, as it often does, “Ozark” pulls the rug out from under us. The Byrdes collide with an oncoming vehicle and have what looks to be a horrific incident. The vehicle flips and rolls over several times before coming to a rest in a grassy area. It certainly looks like a potentially fatal wreck, but “Ozark” has yet another trick up its sleeve. The vehicle incident is a “flash forward” scene, meaning it hasn’t actually happened yet in real-time. It is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the show and fans are eager for answers.

Through four seasons, “Ozark” has shown it is unafraid to kill off both hated and well-liked characters. There are plenty of theories about the opening flash-forward scene. At this point, however, there are more questions than answers. Is the family alive after the incident? Were they run off of the road intentionally? Was the wreck staged in an effort to fake their deaths?

‘Ozark’ Builds Suspense For Second Half of Season Four

Of all the things that “Ozark” does well, building suspense might just be the best. There is a sense of impending doom that viewers gather as they go deeper into the “Ozark” rabbit hole.

No character on the show is safe and “Ozark” fans are well aware that any given character can die at any given time. Having the series’ protagonist family in a flash-forward car accident is another stroke of genius by the show’s creator. The scene will weigh heavy on the minds of viewers when “Ozark” returns later this year.

The second half of season four is likely to pick up where the first half left off. Discovering the dead bodies of her cousin, Wyatt Langmore, and his fiancee, Darlene Snell, Ruth vows revenge on cartel leader Javi.

The biggest question heading into the second half might just be which side the Byrde’s take in the impending war.

“Ozark” fans know to buckle up for the fourth season finale — it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.