‘Ozark’: Will the Byrdes End Up Having to Kill Ruth Before the End?

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Over the last four seasons of “Ozark,” we’ve watched Ruth Langmore and the Byrde family survive thick and thin together. And though they may be on the outs right now, will their history guarantee that they won’t hurt each other in the future?

Fans have many questions about after the “Ozark” Season 4 Part 1 finale. Specifically, the big question is: Will the Byrdes kill Ruth to keep their immunity?

When we leave off with Ruth, Marty, and Wendy at the end of Part 1, Ruth has promised to kill Javi Elizonndro, Omar Navarro’s nephew. Navarro has a deal with the Byrdes and FBI, guaranteeing they’ll be done with the money laundering business once Navarro is out of prison. But that deal hinges on Javi staying alive.

Ruth, on the other hand, walks into her home to find her cousin Wyatt (and his wife Darlene Snell) murdered. She goes to the Byrdes for answers, who don’t want to tell Ruth the truth about Javi. However, Jonah, their rebellious teenage son, betrays Marty and Wendy by telling Ruth it was Javi. Last thing we see in “Ozark” Season 4 Part 1 is Ruth driving away to kill the drug lord’s nephew.

This is a huge deal for the Byrdes, who finally have an end in sight. Navarro promised that he would kill them if he spent longer in jail than necessary. The FBI could also retract their immunity deal if the Byrdes get on their bad side. All of this hinges on Javi staying alive, which means the Byrdes need to keep him alive. And if Ruth told them that they’d have to kill her to stop her, then could that happen?

If Ruth Doesn’t Die, Could She Get Her Own ‘Ozark’ Spin-Off?

“Ozark,” without a doubt, is one of Netflix’s most popular and profitable shows. If they’re smart, they’ll consider keeping that momentum going once Season 4 ends with a spin-off series. But the person most likely to get a spin-off is also the one we talked about the Byrdes killing off above.

Ruth Langmore has so much depth to her character and a connection with other key players that could easily result in her own show. That is, if the Byrdes let her live by the end of “Ozark” Season 4.

But Joseph Sikora, who plays Ruth’s partner in crime Frank Cosgrove Jr., could totally see a team-up between Ruth and Frank. He talked with Entertainment Weekly earlier about a potential spin-off with his super talented co-star, Julia Garner.

“Him and Ruth, I mean, do I sense a spin-off there?” Sikora said. “There’s some love growing in the air. Let’s see if Frank Jr. survives the season first. But let’s get back to Julia Garner, who I have most of my scenes with. She is just dynamic and so much fun to watch; she’s a little firecracker, a little lighting in a bottle, and I just enjoyed every minute of being onscreen with her.”

We’d definitely love to see more of Frank and Ruth on our screens. But we’ll have to wait until”Ozark” Season 4 Part 2 airs to know if they survive or not.