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‘Ozark’ Wasted No Time Topping the Netflix Charts: Final Season Debuts at No. 1

by Jennifer Shea
Getty Images for Netflix

Ozark launched its fourth and final season with a No. 1 ranking on Netflix’s weekly Top 10 TV Series list.

For the week of Jan. 17-23, the popular crime drama starring Laura Linney and Jason Bateman garnered 77 million hours watched, according to Deadline. It has been two years since Season 3, thanks in part to the pandemic. The last season’s long-awaited arrival begins a 14-episode run that will wrap up the series.   

With new fans joining the show’s audience and old fans jogging their memories of previous seasons, the first season of Ozark also made the Top 10 list at 25 million hours watched.

Ozark Star Says She’s Already Missing the Show

Meanwhile, the stars of Ozark are saying their goodbyes to the show even as fans gear up to watch it again after a long hiatus. In a recent interview on the “Today” show, Linney talked about saying goodbye to Ozark and how long she thinks it’ll be before she’s able to stand watching herself in the show.

“We had such a good time, for five years, being together and shooting the show,” Linney said. “So I’m already missing it. It’s been a real wonderful part of my life.”

She added that her character, while a money launderer, is a compelling persona who was a lot of fun to play. Linney didn’t exactly relate to her character’s way of making a living, but she enjoyed stepping out of her own life and into the fictional scrapes that her character is constantly getting into.

“She’s a very complicated person,” Linney said. “The thing I love about her is how immature she is. She’s very shrewd, but she’s emotionally, you know, a rowdy teenage girl. And I love how impulsive she is. I’m a little more cautious in life, I think. So it’s been great fun to sort of wade in those waters for awhile.”

Linney Will Not Be Among the Millions Watching the Show

But while she’s had fun starring in Ozark, Linney may not be able to watch the show for awhile. For an actress, she’s actually somewhat self-conscious – not in front of the cameras, but about seeing herself on screen after she’s filmed a movie or show.

“I’m very bad at watching myself,” Linney explained. “I have to wait at least five years to see something so I can watch it and enjoy it. I’m always eager to see what everyone else is doing, but I have a hard time watching myself. So I give myself a little bit of distance and then I can go back and hopefully enjoy it.”

Looks like Linney won’t be contributing to Ozark’s sky-high viewership numbers, but then again, the show doesn’t exactly need any extra help with popularity. And with one season left to go before the series finale, those numbers may climb higher still.