‘Ozark’: Why Did The FBI Never Move on The Byrdes?

by Chase Thomas

It all ends on April 24 on Netflix for “Ozark.” That’s when the final seven episodes will air and when fans will learn the fates of the Byrdes and Ruth Langmore in the end. It figures to be a wild ride, and it figures to involve the FBI as well. The FBI has loomed on the outside of the land of the Ozarks for four seasons, but they have never made any big-time moves on the family. This prompted a Reddit discussion with folks wondering why did the FBI never move on the Byrdes on the program?

One Reddit user wrote, “The FBI is doing the thing they’ve done the entire series basically.” They continued, “by questioning Marty and seemingly having him cornered, but if this has been the status quo for the entire series at this point, how is the audience supposed to believe he’ll really be caught this time?”

The FBI has been consistent in monitoring what the Byrdes have been up to, but they’ve never stepped in and stopped anything from happening. Marty has been on their radar from the beginning and they know he is tied to the Novarro cartel. And yet, the FBI continues to let that part of it happen. Will the show end with Marty Byrde finally going down to the FBI because of his crimes and everything he has done over the course of the last four seasons? In Season 3 of “Ozark”, Agent Miller pushed to have him flip for the FBI in exchange for some jail time, but Marty rebuffed the offer.

‘Ozark’: FBI Agent Miller’s Choice

Now that there is no deal for the Byrdes, is the final seven episodes where everything finally catches up to them after all this time? The problem, though, is that now the Byrdes crimes include Wendy and Jonah now, too. If Marty goes down, it likely includes the whole family. Wendy with her corruption and ordered hits along with Jonah who began laundering money for Ruth Langmore’s business. Because the FBI has not made a move on Marty, it’s too late to just nab him. The whole family is complicit in what’s happened in the land of the Ozarks now.

Still, what will Agent Miller’s rogue actions mean? After four seasons of nothing, Miller made a move that went against the FBI. Now, she broke up the deal Omar made with the FBI and arrested him herself. Now, Javi is at the head of the table in the family. Agent Miller set off a bunch of later moves that now pit Ruth Langmore vs. Javi in the final seven episodes. The Byrdes can no longer get away easily from the cartel and everything is up for grabs.

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