WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne Fishing With His Granddaughter Is Hilariously Wholesome

by Halle Ames

Watch this wholesome video of rocker Ozzy Osbourne trade his guitar for a fishing pole to hit the pond with his granddaughter.

Ozzy Osbourne may not be someone you would immediately trust to watch my pets, yet here we think the fish are safe… solely because there are none in the lake he chooses to fish in.

Ozzy Osbourne Tries His Hand at Fishing

In a clip from AXS TV, called “Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour,” Ozzy shows off his fishing skills, or lack thereof, on March 22. The hilarious video shows the struggles associated with family bonding time.

Ozzy Osbourne is accompanied by his 35-year-old son, Jack, and one of Jack’s three daughters, named Pearl, and their friend and fishing partner.

The friend is stocked with everything you need to catch just about any time of fish… or Kraken. The back of the southerner’s truck is filled to the brim with gear, including bait, fishing poles, tools, and basic needs like bug spray and blankets.

You would think the group was going out for a week-long hunting expedition in the Amazon and not to a small pond right outside the house.

“He had a *beep* bait and tackle shop back there!” says Jack.

“Four of us give the fish a *beep* banquet for two *beep* days,” explains Ozzy Osbourne.

While everyone else rocks the appropriate fishing attire like jeans and flannels, Ozzy is dressed in a long grey jacket, black pants, a black shirt, and his iconic circle sunglasses.

The King of Darkness is obviously out of his element.

He isn’t the only one. Jack snags something at the end of his line. Unfortunately, he reels in another fishing pole that was sitting at the bottom of the pond.

‘Well, Jack did a good job. He caught another fishing pole,” laughs Ozzy Osbourne.

On his next cast, Jack casts his line into a nearby tree, to which he jokes he caught a “tree worm.”

Ozzy Calls it Quits

Ozzy Osbourne was over it quite early and takes a seat to watch the others. Still, nobody in the group had caught a fish.

“I don’t know if there was actually any fish in there, to begin with,” reveals Jack.

“There would be fish, but the fish go ‘what’s this *beep* idiot trying to do? We know its bait!'” says Ozzy.

After deciding that there are probably no fish in the lake, the group begins to throw the small bait fish into the water. You know, to help the nonexistent population.

Cheers to days on the water with family and (hopefully) a few successful casts along the way.