Ozzy Osbourne Goes Full Prince of Darkness in Epic Throwback Pic Rocking Iconic All-Black Look

by Emily Morgan

They don’t call Ozzy Osbourne the prince of darkness for nothing. 

The 72-year-old took to social media to show off his all-black look. If you know Ozzy, you know that his all-black attire is something he’s had a penchant for since before becoming a household name. 

On Friday, the British icon took tweeted his floor-length, black leather trenchcoat paired with his coal-black eyeliner and long hair. 

Instead of opting for a caption, the former reality TV star added an emoji that matched his face. His face showed him holding up his index finger to his mouth as if he was a librarian.

Although Ozzy seems to be in good spirits, the same may not be said of his wife, Sharon Osbourne. Recently, “The Talk” named her replacement after she left the show in March. She was recently spotted looking downcast after the news broke that confirmed that Jerry O’Connell would be replacing her on the show. 

On July 14, a makeup-free and messy-haired Osbourne was seen driving. The day she was spotted also happened to be the same day that leaked audio of Elaine Welteroth telling Osbourne that she knew she was “not racist” went public.

The audio was about when Welteroth consoled Osbourne following the explosive March 10 episode in which she defended Piers Morgan over his problematic comments regarding Meghan Markle.

Sharon Osbourne Remains Silent While Making Headlines

“I know you’re upset. It was terrible. I just hope you know when that once this blows over that you know that Sheryl [Underwood] is your friend. She really is your friend,” Welteroth could reportedly be heard saying in the audio. “She doesn’t think you’re racist. I don’t think you’re racist. No one who knows you would ever say that or think that.”

Later in the clip, Osbourne hinted CBS had “set” her up, saying, “They don’t care that I will now have to go around and [have] people think I’m racist. They don’t give a s–t. They just want ratings. That’s all.”

At this time, Sharon Osbourne has not publicly commented on the leaked audio nor O’Connell acting as her replacement. 

Despite leaving the show, the former “America’s Got Talent” judge ended up walking away 10 million dollars richer. O’Connell, known for his roles in Jerry McGuire and Stand By Me, will be the first male co-host in the show’s history. He recently addressed his new gig during a taping. 

“You ladies have been so welcoming to me,” the 47-year-old New York native told them in a recent episode. “I mean, I came here as a guest months ago, and just from the moment I walked in, you’re just gracious. You’re kind, you’re fun, and it worked.”

“The Talk” Executive producers Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews said O’Connell would bring “a unique and entertaining perspective” as co-host.