Ozzy Osbourne Has Strange Way of Greeting Musicians, According to Metallica’s Rob Trujillo

by Liz Holland

Metallica is beyond a legendary group, as we all know. A pioneer in thrash metal, Metallica’s impact on music is undeniable. Many bands credit Metallica as one of their prime influences, and the longevity of the bands’ career is impressive. Formed in Los Angeles in 1981, Metallica continues to rock the worlds of millions across the globe. With nearly 17.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Metallica is bigger than big. Rob Trujillo, Metallica member and legendary bassist, spoke out on Ozzy Osbourne’s interesting habits and all things Metallica and rock in a recent interview with MMA Junkie. 

Rob Trujillo and Ozzy Osbourne have worked together many times throughout the years. Trujillo used to play with Ozzy before joining Metallica in 2003 and toured with Osbourne several times. Rob Trujillo shares his proudest Metallica moment with MMA Junkie, detailing Ozzy’s odd habits in the process. 

Ozzy’s Quirky Backstage Antics

Trujillo tells MMA Junkie, “For instance, I can remember my proud moment with Ozzy because I toured and played with Ozzy for a while. And I remember it was Las Vegas, we had just played an amazing show, and I remember specifically, it think it was the [1971 Black Sabbath] song ‘Sweet Leaf.’ He and I started doing this dance together what ended up becoming the ‘crab walk,'” Trujillo says.

The bassist continues, sharing “He would do all kinds of weird stuff – he’d pull your hair, scratch you, try to bite you, something weird. I was warned about this, and he would do that. So he comes over to me, and then I’m like, ‘OK…’ I start kind of going lower and lower and lower, almost like a sumo wrestler. And all of a sudden I am like a foot from the ground, and guess what? He’s a foot from the ground too! And he’s like, ‘I got you!’ So that was surreal for me.”

Trujillo gushes, “Here’s a guy that I grew up listening to – obviously, with Black Sabbath, and then his solo material, and playing Ozzy’s music in backyard parties back when I was 16 years old – and now here I am, doing a crowd walk with this guy, on stage, in front of 18,000 people, in a sold-out arena. It was mindblowing.”

Trujillo’s Proudest Metallica Moment

Trujillo credits Ozzy Osbourne with being a huge influence in his career, as do many rockers. When it comes to Metallica, Trujillo shares one thing he’s proud of among many is singing to fans in their native language when playing in their country. Trujillo tells MMA junkie that when the band toured Europe, they made an effort to learn a song from a local act and cover it in each different place. Trujillo tells MMA Junkie, “I sang in Swedish. That, to me, was one of the highlight moments of my entire existence as a musician, especially in Metallica, because I don’t even know if I could ever do that again.

“Sometimes I think about it, and I go, ‘Man, you were crazy, Kirk and I were crazy!’ That happened just before the pandemic, we were doing that in these football stadiums.”