Ozzy Osbourne Honored at WWE Wrestlemania 37, Fans Sound Off

by Joe Rutland

Ozzy Osbourne, the “Blizzard of Oz” himself, was honored with other WWE Hall of Famers on Sunday at Wrestlemania 37.

Osbourne was part of the 2021 class of WWE Hall of Fame inductees. His fans were definitely happy for the rock music legend, who originally was the lead singer of Black Sabbath. Osbourne has enjoyed a long career as a solo artist with songs like “Crazy Train” and “Mama I’m Coming Home” to his name.

He was not present on Sunday night in Tampa, Fla. However, Osbourne did appear on video on April 6 at a Hall of Fame event. Here’s what Osbourne said at the time.

Ozzy Fans Let Their Voices Be Heard About WWE Hall Of Famer

Now that Osbourne is a Hall of Famer, the rocker’s fans are coming out on Sunday night with their love.

@OzzyOsbourne @TheOzzFest @OzzysBoneyard @WrestleMania @WWE @WWEUniverse Hell Yeah! Ozzy made it to the WWE Hall of Fame! I can’t wait to see you back on tour Prince of Darkness.” CryptoChainzs wrote.

“@OzzyOsbourne being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame brings me so much joy and happiness. #WWEHOF #WrestleMania,” wrote Karissa Nappi.

Glock Sabbath wrote, “Congratulations @OzzyOsbourne for being in the wwe hall of fame love you dad” to Ozzy.

Fan “gabs is watching wrestlemania” said, “YOOOOO OZZY OSBOURNE BEING INDUCTED IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME!!!!! OH MY GOD”.

Osbourne Made Appearance At Wrestlemania 2 In 1986

Why in the world would Osbourne make the Hall of Fame? For instance, Ozzy appeared at Wrestlemania 2 back in 1986. Additionally, he stood by Captain Lou Albano during a match on the card.

Obviously, you have to include his appearances for WWE at “Smackdown” and “Raw” over the years, too. Osbourne has dealt with a number of health issues and is staying close to home a lot these days.

Ozzy joins some other well-known names in the professional wrestling world in the Hall of Fame. They include Kane, twin sisters Nikki and Brie Bella, Japanese legend Justin “Thunder” Liger, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, The British Bulldog, Molly Holly, Rob Van Dam, and Eric Bischoff.