Ozzy Osbourne Makes Most Terrifying Santa Ever in New Photo

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

You don’t want to be on his naughty list. This photoshopped photo of Ozzy Osbourne as Santa Claus is equally as terrifying as it is festive.

Seems like someone must be a little confused. Throughout his career, Osbourne has been compared to the red devil with the horns downstairs. But he isn’t usually associated with the kindly saint in a red coat that delivers presents to good children across the globe once a year. After all, they don’t call Osbourne the Prince of Darkness for nothing.

But before you think he’s serious, Osbourne insists his image is all a part of his act. He’s never understood those who actually think he’s evil incarnate.

“Well, I never talk religion,” Osbourne told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “I don’t understand organized religion. But I strive to be good, although it feels good to be bad, sometimes. I’m not bad, like, evil bad, I’m bad, in that I’m a naughty boy. I’m not a guy that worships the (expletive) devil. When Black Sabbath started, we got invited to an (expletive) graveyard at midnight. We told them: “Our (dark) image is a joke.”

Ozzy Osbourne Also Starred in a Bizzare ‘Winter Wonderland’ Video

But this wasn’t Ozzy Osbourne’s first brush with the holiday season. Perhaps, he’s secretly a Christmas caroler at heart, of course in his own demented fashion. In 2003, Osbourne treated audiences with what is surely a visual and auditory hallucination.

He appeared with his family in their own holiday special “The Osbourne Family Christmas Special.” For the program, they got some help from musical guest stars including Jessica Simpson. Osbourne and Simpson performed a bizarre take on the Christmas classic that could have been a fevered dream if not for the YouTube video.

In the video, Simpson, Osbourne, and his wife Sharon build a snowman and also have a snowball fight while in a literal winter wonderland.

So far this year, Osbourne has kept his Christmas celebrations to social media.