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Ozzy Osbourne Receives Tons of Love from Rock and Roll World on 73rd Birthday

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by: Sergei BobylevTASS via Getty Images

It was on this day 73 years ago when the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne was born.

He has entertained and terrified millions of fans and their parents throughout the years. From Black Sabbath to his own solo works. Ozzy has been an icon in the music and entertainment industry for the last 50 years.

The singer has done so much for the genre of rock ‘n roll and has inspired many artists of yesterday and today. Without the dark, scary, and unsettling songs and imagery he put out in his career there would be a massive hole missing in the lore of the genre and more. Of course, the birthday wishes have poured in for Osbourne.

One of the best birthday messages that Ozzy got all day had to be from Zakk Wylde. During Ozzy’s solo career, the two would spend years playing together and are great friends even today, although they are almost 20 years apart in age.

Check out the video.

Wearing a cutoff shirt with a young Ozzy on the front of it, the Black Label Society founder gave out a very enthusiastic birthday wish to his former lead singer.

“What’s going on Oz?! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday buddy. I hope your day is as amazing as yourself. I just hope you have a great day, and happy birthday and I love you,” he said in the video. As he signed off he threw down some guttural vocals into his coffee mug.

That is the kind of message Ozzy Osbourne deserves on his birthday!

Other Artists and Label Wish Ozzy Osbourne a Happy Birthday

There were so many birthday wishes for Ozzy today it is hard to pick out the best ones. As one of the biggest living legends in rock, he deserves all of them and more. One of the biggest parts of his career has to be his time with Epic Records. They haven’t always seen eye to eye, but he ended up back with the label.

All together, Osbourne released 13 albums over 20 years with the label. The label shared a photo and just a simple, “Happy Birthday to the Prince of Darkness @OzzyOsbourne!!”

Also in on the festivities, Ray Luzier. The journeyman drummer plays in a few different bands. His main gig is with KoRn and Jonathan Davis. There is a very big influence of Ozzy in Nu Metal and specifically with the band from Bakersfield, California. This is a great photo with Luzier and Davis featured with Osbourne.

SiriusXM host and self-described “Metal Ambassador” Jose Mangin also got a birthday wish out to Ozzy Osbourne on his big day.

“Let me hear you SCREAM ‘Happy Birthday’ to our Metal lord & savior @ozzyosbourne on his 73rd year on Earth. I love OZZY so much I got his face and autograph forever inked into my skin by world-famous tattoo artist @bobtyrrell.”