Ozzy Osbourne Releases Full Video of NFL Halftime Show Performance After NBC Cut Him Off

by Tia Bailey

Ozzy Osbourne performed the halftime show of the NFL season opener last week. However, he was cut off before the performance was finished.

The singer performed two songs — “Patient Number 9” and “Crazy Train.” However, NBC has faced backlash, because he was only on-air for a few seconds. The performance was very hyped up by many, and it was confusing and annoying for both fans and Ozzy that everyone only got to see literal seconds of his performance.

Thankfully, fans can now see the full performance. Ozzy shared the video of both songs to his YouTube channel.

Fans were relieved to finally be able to see and listen to the whole thing. Many praised the singer in the comments. One YouTube user wrote: “I’ve seen Ozzy 11 times throughout the years. He has had such an impact on my life, I can’t even begin to explain it. There is so much Ozzy deserves from such an incredible line of music. Ozzy deserves every bit of honor and recognition. He’s earned it. Ozzy gave Metal life and has kept metal alive via Ozzfest. Seeing him happy, on stage, performing, is a Blessing. Now, is the time to show your support. God Bless Ozzy and Patient Number 9.”

Another fan commented: “Ozzy, his family, and fans on TV were all ripped off when we tried to watch this during the game. Thank you for knowing this and playing it here for us! Ozzy deserved so much better!”

Many fans had taken to Twitter on the day of the NFL season opening to complain about the lack of coverage of Ozzy’s show. One Twitter user wrote: “I cannot believe the nfl played interviews and highlights over Ozzy Osbourne’s halftime performance. That’s just blasphemous.”

Fans Angry After NBC Cut Off Ozzy Osbourne Halftime Show

Another tweeted: “The NFL is bullsh*t. They were supposed to show half time with Ozzy Osborne. They advertised it and did not show it. FY NFL.”

Ozzy himself retweeted articles about the backlash, and articles sharing the full performance.

However, now that the performance is out, he is hyping up his latest song that he performed, “Patient Number 9.” He had a signing just a few days ago that many turned up to. The Twitter account 95.5 KLOSFM tweeted out a video of some fans who got their CD signed, writing: “Who made it to get their copy of #patientnumber9 signed by @OzzyOsbourne himself last weekend at @FingerprintsLB ?! Here’s a little recap if you missed it.”

Ozzy took to this Twitter to thank fans for showing up. He tweeted: “

Thank you to the thousands of fans, some that spent up to 5+ hours in line, who turned up at @FingerprintsLB over the weekend. It was great to meet every one of you.  Your dedication and support means everything to me. I love you all.”