Ozzy Osbourne Resurfaces Photo as He Wishes Faith No More’s Mike Bordin Happy Birthday

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Terry George/WireImage)

On Saturday (November 27th), rock legend Ozzy Osbourne took to his Instagram account with a resurfaced retro snapshot as he wishes Faith No More’s Mike Bordin a happy birthday. 

“Happy Birthday to Mike Bordin,” Ozzy Osbourne declared in the social media post. He also used Faith No More as a hashtag. 

During a 2004 interview with Modern Drummer, Bordin spoke about working alongside Ozzy Osbourne. “To me, it’s never been surreal. Because I always look him in the eyes. And we got to know each other pretty well as people before we played together.”

Bordin actually began playing for Ozzy Osbourne’s band In 1996, due to Black Sabbath drummer, Bill Ward, was struggling with health issues on tour.  He also stated that Ozzy Osbourne jammed with Faith No More before and that’s how the duo met. “He liked ‘The Real Thing’ and ‘Epic,’” Bordin explained. “He’d come down and fam with us on ‘War Pig.’ And after the shows we did, he and I would talk.”

Bordin also proclaimed himself a huge Black Sabbath fan and he even told Ozzy Osbourne that when they first met. And the two connected right away. When asked if he found it easy to work with Ozzy Osbourne, Bordin said, “I don’t know if ‘easy’ is the right word. It’s also not that difficult. It’s unique. It’s not like playing with Faith No More.”

In regards to Ozzy Osbourne’s persona, Bordin stated that the rock star’s personality is so huge. “He’s larger than life. It’s an awesome thing to see and feel on stage.”

Bordin also ended up re-recording the drum tracks on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo albums, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, for the remasters released in 2002. 

Mike Bordin Opened Up About How He Prepared For An Ozzy Osbourne Gig 

While continuing his chat with Modern Drummer, Mike Bordin spoke about how he prepared for an Ozzy Osbourne gig. “The thing that I thought was really interesting going in was learning the classic tunes,” Bordin recalled. “And then finding out that Ozzy’s approach to them had changed.”

Bordin also remembered hearing Osbourne telling the band changes to the songs prior to the shows. “I realized that over the years of working with different drummers, those tunes – and Ozzy – had evolved. That was very interesting to me.”

Bordin goes on to share that he came into the situation with Osbourne from the very start with a huge amount of respect for the music, as well as the person who made it and the people who like it. “Because this music is important to a lot of people. I felt good about it. And I think I’ve been careful with trying to play the music the way it’s supposed to be played.”