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Ozzy Osbourne Shares Laugh With Daughter Kelly in Heartwarming Pic From the Prince of Darkness

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Ozzy Osbourne, self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” is a lover of all things grim and gory. Not much can spook him. As much as he loves being a rock icon and creative mastermind, at the end of the day, he is also a father. Ozzy has a real soft spot when it comes to his family. In his most recent tweet, the legendary rocker shared another epic Ross Halfin pic with his 5.3 million Twitter followers. The captured moment shows daughter Kelly Osbourne with her father perched up against a bus. Ozzy’s arm is lovingly draped over Kelly’s shoulder and the pair is seen laughing together while Kelly embraces her Pomeranian.

Kelly recently opened up about the loss of her beloved dog, Polly, in a personal and heartbreaking Instagram post. She admitted to finding the situation hard to process on top of her recent struggles with sobriety. Ozzy’s photo is a reminder of happier times and the family’s deep connection to each other.

A lot of commenters point out just how uncanny the duo’s resemblance is to one another, especially in terms of their smiles. Others say it’s simply nice to see the stars looking so happy together.

Will Ozzy Osbourne Guest Star on Daughter Kelly’s Podcast?

Back in April, Kelly Osbourne teamed up with Vegas showman Jeff Beacher to launch a raunchy and inspirational podcast talk show creatively named “The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show.” The show invites guests from a variety of backgrounds, like TikTok stars, real life “Wolf of Wallstreet” bigshot, and medical experts to talk fame, weight loss, and battling their vices amongst a slew of controversial topics.

This begs the question: will Kelly invite Ozzy Osbourne on for an episode? Neither party has hinted at the appearance yet, but the family isn’t exactly new to working together. Their long-running reality series drew in viewers worldwide.

The podcast’s most recent episode invites TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, or as fans know him “Doggface,” to explore the phenomena of “going viral.”

Listen to their full conversation here:

The Osbournes Reunite for TV

For fans looking to catch the family in all of their zany glory together, Season 2 of Jack Osbourne’s “The Osbournes Want to Believe” premiered on August 22nd on The Travel Channel. As reported previously, this show is premised on the fact that Jack Osbourne is a true believer of the paranormal, while the rest of his family toes the fence with the idea.

By capturing the paranormal and supernatural on video, Jack hopes to convert his skeptical family to the dark side.

The special Season 2 premiere of the show came with 2 brand new episodes. The first explores aliens and UFOs, while the second has the Osbournes debating the credibility of the moon landing. It’s nice to see the family back together and in their element– in a series centered around the strange.