Ozzy Osbourne Will Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

by Clayton Edwards

Ozzy Osbourne is a heavy metal legend. The guy has just about done it all. He was in Black Sabbath, the band that many people credit for creating metal. He had an incredibly successful solo career. At the same time, he has several Grammy awards as well as genre-specific trophies under his belt. Ozzy is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We could spend all day listing his achievements and accolades. However, it was recently announced that the Prince of Darkness will add one more accolade to his already impressive resume.

Ozzy Osbourne will join the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2020/2021, Figure Four Online reports. The induction ceremony has not yet aired. However, they taped it last week. Reports say that Ozzy didn’t appear in person. Instead, he recorded a video speech for the occasion. He will share the induction ceremony with WWE superstars from both the past and present.

Fans speculated that Ozzy Osbourne would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before the announcement. The Prince of Darkness appeared in an ad spot for the event that aired during Smackdown last week.

Wait. Ozzy Osbourne in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Does it seem strange to you that Ozzy Osbourne is joining the WWE Hall of Fame? Are you currently wondering if you somehow missed his legendary wrestling career? Well, don’t worry. You didn’t miss much of anything. Osbourne has never stepped into the squared circle as a combatant. However, he has appeared on several WWE broadcasts.

Ozzy Osbourne’s appearances on WWE broadcasts go way back, In fact, the rocker was present at the second Wrestlemania. There, he and Captain Lou Albano managed the tag team The British Bulldogs. During that broadcast, the Bulldogs took home the Tag Team Championship belts.

More recently, Ozzy Osbourne performed live at a May 2007 taping of WWE Smackdown in Baltimore, Maryland. A couple of years later, he served as guest host for a taping of WWE Raw.

Ozzy Osbourne isn’t the only non-wrestler joining the WWE Hall of Fame this year. William Shatner will be inducted alongside Osbourne and the WWE combatants.

If you want to see the ceremony, you’re in luck. You can watch Ozzy Osbourne enter the WWE Hall of Fame tonight on Peacock if you’re in the United States. For international viewers, the event will be available on the WWE Network.