Paige Spiranac Details Instagram Reaction over April Fools OnlyFans Joke

by Will Shepard

If you ever doubt how funny Paige Spiranac is, take a look back at her April Fool’s Day joke. However, she might want to reconsider the joke she plays for next years.

Her April Fool’s joke fell pretty flat for a lot of people this year. It did, though, cause a stir and vault her name up Twitter’s trending list.

As for the joke she played, she felt that it was nothing more than an innocent prank. During a podcast episode of “Playing A Round,” Paige Spiranac told listeners that she was starting an OnlyFans account. She said that she was going to do a swipe up for her Instagram followers to join her account.

Paige Spiranac Told Fans That She Was Going to Start an OnlyFans Account

But, the reaction from many people was overwhelmingly negative upon the news. Nonetheless, many found the joke funny. During an interview with a newspaper after the interview, Paige Spiranac explained her reasoning for playing the joke.

“I thought, it’s April Fool’s, everyone’s always asking me for an OnlyFans. So, I’m going to do an April Fool’s and say, ‘Swipe up to subscribe to my OnlyFans.’ And it was a swipe up straight to my towel.”

Undoubtedly an attractive person, people were likely excited to be able to join her OnlyFans account. But that wasn’t the case. It also likely enraged a lot of her more traditional followers. Consequently, she explains that a lot of people began flagging her Instagram account.

“I got a lot of angry messages because they didn’t understand it. So I felt like that was who was reporting it. You can’t say OnlyFans on Instagram because they’re really strict on that.”

Even Instagram misconstrued Paige Spiranac’s joke. She notes that she was locked out of her own account because the host site believed she was soliciting sexual content. She had also been reported for her story, and that was the consequence.

Luckily for Paige Spiranac, she was able to fix the situation with Instagram and get her account back. But, it marked the first time that she had ever been reported for anything like this.

“I was freaking out. I don’t want my account to be suspended. Luckily we asked Instagram to check if everything would be fine, and they said it would.”