Pat Sajak Describes His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Themed Tombstone

by Caitlin Berard

We all live for different things. For some of us, it’s family. For others, it’s creative pursuits. Still others live for their careers. Long-time game show host, Pat Sajak, falls into the latter category. He loves his work so much, in fact, that he intends to take it to the grave – literally.

For the past four decades, Pat Sajak has been the face of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. With co-host Vanna White by his side, Sajak has appeared on televisions screens across the country nightly for a staggering 38 seasons. This stat makes him the longest-serving game show host in TV history!

As he has now hosted more than 5,000 episodes of the beloved show, Sajak is ready to fully commit to the Wheel of Fortune life…and death. In a recent tweet, Sajak announced that he will one day be laid to rest beneath a Wheel of Fortune-themed tombstone.

The tweet reads, “Not to be morbid, but I just designed my tombstone. It’ll read: R_P. I’d like to buy a vowel.” Unsurprisingly, the tweet exploded in popularity, with fans leaving comments such as, “Sajak’s twitter account is so underrated” and “This…might be the perfect joke”.

With any luck, we won’t see this tombstone anytime soon, but we could all use a little more levity in our lives. It’s nice to know the 75-year-old television star has such a wonderful sense of humor, even when discussing morbid topics.

Pat Sajak’s Sense of Humor Shines in Recent ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Episode

Speaking of Sajak’s sense of humor, fans got another taste of it on last night’s edition of Wheel of Fortune. Over the decades, Sajak has seen some incredible things happen on the show, from the most unbelievable victories to the most cringe-worthy failures. That said, he has yet to see it all, and Wednesday night’s contestant won so big, it left the game show host speechless.

To understand why this win was such a moment in Wheel of Fortune history, we have to go back to Monday night’s episode, which featured Lisa Kramer winning the $100,000 grand prize. The next night, the jackpot was hit again, this time by contestant Mark Baer.

As this marked a Wheel of Fortune first, the show commemorated the moment with a tweet reading, “Whoa, did that just happen?! A second $100,000 winner in a row! 2 NIGHTS 2 HUGE WINS!”

Well, apparently the wheel wasn’t done changing lives just yet, and on Wednesday night, another contestant won the grand prize. Contestant Bree Yokouchi walked away with $121,638 and a trip to Caribbean island, St. Lucia.

The third consecutive win was simply too much for Pat Sajak, who walked off the stage in disbelief. This was, of course, just a joke, and Sajak clarified that he feels nothing but excitement for Yokouchi. He is, however, serious about the lack of confetti. In the clip posted to Twitter, Sajak says, “After the last two nights, we had to send out for an emergency shipment from Confetti R Us in order to refill. So we’re back, we’re reloaded, and that $100,000 is back out there.”