Pat Sajak Pokes Fun at Social Distancing Regulations Ahead of Thanksgiving Week

by Quentin Blount

American television personality and game show host Pat Sajak recently poked fun at social distancing regulations ahead of Thanksgiving.

The Wheel of Fortune star sent out a tweet to his nearly 321,000 followers on Wednesday evening.

“Just to avoid any trouble next week, we’re counting the turkey as number ten,” Sajak wrote on Twitter.

With COVID-19 still spreading across nearly the entire country, many public health experts have been urging Americans to cancel their Thanksgiving plans with family and friends.

However, it seems as though not everybody is taking the advice seriously. Nearly 40 percent of Americans plan to attend a Thanksgiving gathering with 10 or more people. That info comes in light of a recent survey commissioned by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

According to the Wheel of Fortune host, he and his family intend to only include nine people at their yearly gathering. He joked that the turkey will be number ten.

Some of Sajak’s fans sent a reply to him on Twitter. One poked fun back saying, “Make sure everyone heads home at 9:59:59 the latest Pat!”

Pat Sajak Questions Projected Election Results, Vote-Counting

Moreover, Sajak recently questioned whether media outlets should issue projected election results on Election Day. He believes officials should only announce the president after they counted all the votes.

For example, he wrote on Twitter, “No matter how you feel about election-night calls (whether they were too early or too late or not accurate), the bigger question is: What’s the point of these calls? Bragging rights? How about counting the votes and announcing the results? Just a wacky idea.”

Furthermore, according to Vice, Sajak considers himself both a conservative and Republican. He’s donated to affiliated causes in the past. But the game show host doesn’t appear to be a supporter of Donald Trump as president. According to Pop Culture, Sajak purchased a pen used in Trump’s impeachment.