Pat Sajak Thinks ‘Wheel of Fortune’ May Be the Show That’s ‘Never Canceled’

by Keeli Parkey

“Wheel of Fortune” has been entertaining for decades. And, according to one of its long-time hosts, it is a show that can stay on the air for decades to come.

That host is Pat Sajak. He talked about the future of the show during a 2013 interview with Seth Stutman of WWLP.

“It is what it is. It’s become part of the popular culture,” Sajak said.

The host also said he believes “Wheel of Fortune” has a long future ahead of it. And, that successful future does not have to include him or his cohost, Vanna White.

“And, it’s going to go on after Vanna and I leave,” Sajak also said. “I mean, it may literally be the show that’s never canceled because we … I mean, if we lost half our audience tomorrow we would still be a very popular show.”

Sajak went on to say that the popularity of the show has been “incredible.” It’s something that is not lost on the host.

“And, that’s incredible after 30 years; after five nights a week,” he added. “People have really taken us to their hearts and we’re grateful for it.”

Pat Sajak Said the Game of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Keeps Fans Coming Back

While Pat Sajak knows that he and White have fans who tune in for them, they are not the major draw to “Wheel of Fortune,” according to what Sajak said in 2013. What most fans really enjoy is something else. It is this factor that will allow the show to continue to have success after he and White have left.

“But, as clever as I may think I am and as beautiful as Vanna is and all that, people like the game,” the host said. “And, as long as the game’s there, they’ll probably keep watching.”

Why “Wheel of Fortune” became so successful is still somewhat of a mystery to Pat Sajak.

“Look, things come together in ways that … it’s like when a video goes viral on the internet. It just happens. No one can make a video go viral,” he said. “… A spark lights and that’s what happened with the show. Things came together. Whether it was Vanna or me or the game or the time period or whatever it was, who knows. Because if we knew the answer we could duplicate it and make 10 ‘Wheels of Fortunes.'”

You can watch Pat Sajak talk about “Wheel of Fortune” with Mass Appeal below. His comments on the future of the show beginning shortly after the four-minute mark of the video.