Patricia Richardson Reveals She Only Took ‘Home Improvement’ Role ‘For Money and To Get Out’

by Clayton Edwards

Home Improvement was one of the biggest sitcoms of all time. A large part of the appeal of the show was the on-screen chemistry between leads Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson. On the show, the Taylors looked like a real married couple. They bickered about things that thousands of Americans could relate to. The humor and themes of the show stuck the perfect balance between adult-centered and child-friendly.

Home Improvement was the kind of show that only comes around once in a generation. In the beginning, Patricia Richardson didn’t even want the role. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Richardson discussed why she took the role and what made her want to stay. She only took the role to make some extra money and to get out of a contract.

Patricia Richardson Had Greatness Thrust Upon Her

At the time, there were two roles that Patricia Richardson absolutely did not want to take. She didn’t want to do another sitcom. More than that, she didn’t want to play a mom, especially a sitcom mom. In fact, she was waiting to start working on a drama/comedy called “Home Movies.”

At the last minute, she got a call from Disney. They told her that “Home Movies” was canceled. However, they wanted her to start working on a sitcom, playing a mother and they wanted her to start the next day.

She was resistant to the idea. They were taking the two roles she didn’t want and combining them. In the end, she was told that she would be paid upfront for shooting the pilot. To sweeten the pot, she was told that if “Home Improvement” didn’t get picked up, they would release her from her contract.

Patricia Richardson starred in several sitcoms before “Home Improvement” and none of them performed well. She had no expectations other than a paycheck when she stepped onto the set that first day. What followed would be eight seasons of a hit series that remains popular decades later.

Leading Up to Home Improvement

Before being convinced to take the role, Patricia Richardson was living a happy life. She had just given birth to twins. She had three children in total. When the phone call came in, she was enjoying the first three months of her new babies’ lives.

This made it harder for her to take the role. However, she looked over the script and took the role. After the first day on set, she knew that she had made the right decision. She just didn’t know at the time how right she was.