Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancee Brittany Matthews Weighs In on Criticism

by Courtney Blackann

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes has been at the center of some controversy lately. Or rather, those closest to him have been. The quarterback’s fiancee Brittany Matthews has been largely criticized for her behavior at some recent playoff games. And fans have been letting her know they’re not about it. But recently, Matthews shot back at those criticisms.

According to US Weekly, rumors were circling that Matthews wasn’t allowed at any more NFL games due to her recent behavior. But according to both Mahomes and Matthews, this isn’t true.

“Y’all just be making stuff up these days,” Mahomes tweeted alongside three laughing-face emojis. He did this on February 18 following the claims. His fiancé also retweeted the comment with her own agreement saying, “Legit.”

After winning a playoff game, Matthews was said to have opened a bottle of champagne, spraying it from her suite all over fans below. People did not take kindly to this – and she was heavily criticized online.

But not everyone is okay with the apparent bullying. One fan posted, “Ya’ll really hate @brittanylynne8 for what??? Ya’ll need a better hobby.”

And Matthews responded saying, “Yup [sharing hateful messages is] the cool thing to do. Quite hysterical how something like that can become cool.”

The Backstory on Brittany Matthews

She previously posted (after the champagne incident), “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week. Hate is a very strong word to just be thrown at someone you don’t even know.”

But fans were unimpressed with her still. Many continued with their annoyance at the 26-year-old.

“Girl. I need you to stop. This was my team long before Patrick was here. It’s not giving the org a good look. Chiefs are bigger than you, me or any one player,” they wrote.

Matthews responded saying,  “In the nicest way possible … Shut up.”

It can’t be easy being in the spotlight when you never asked for it. But the hate keeps coming her way. Following the Bengals win over the Chiefs, many people created GIFs claiming that Joe Burrow “saved” them from seeing Brittany at the Super Bowl.

The quarterback’s fiancé wasn’t exactly thrilled with the comments and bashing.

“It’s been a pretty rough week over here,” Matthews said on her Instagram account. “I greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate Kansas City and how y’all have gotten behind us and supported me so much. It means the absolute world to me.”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews began dating long before he was an NFL star. The two dated in high school and then attended Texas Tech together before he proposed to his longtime girlfriend. The couple also shares a daughter who will turn one this month.