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Paul McCartney Tells How The Beatles Breakup Was ‘Like a Divorce’

by Jacklyn Krol
Central Press

Paul McCartney compared The Beatles breakup to a divorce.

A snippet of the legendary musician’s upcoming memoir, releasing on November 2, was published on The Sunday Times. Although The Beatles breakup was one for the history books, McCartney has not spoken about it at length.

The snippet revealed that John Lennon made “hurtful” comments about the band saying that it was “c—.” He shared his disbelief in the band.

‘Towards the end of 1969, John had quite gleefully told us it was over. There were a few of us in the Apple boardroom at the time,” McCartney wrote.

“Eventually, John said, ‘Oh, I’ve been wanting to tell you this, but I’m leaving the Beatles.’ We were all shocked. Relations had been strained, but we sat there saying, ‘What? Why?” It was like a divorce, and he had just had a divorce from Cynthia the year before,'” he continued.

McCartney claimed that his former The Beatles bandmate said their split was exciting. Lennon allegedly also accused him of leaving solely to promote his solo music. That is something McCartney has denied. At the time of the breakup, Lennon lost his father, uncle, and mother. They also were dealing with the deaths of The Beatles first bassist Stuart Sutcliffe ad manager, Brian Epstein.

“So, I’m having to read all this stuff, and on the one hand I’m thinking, “Oh f*** off, you f***ing idiot,” but on the other hand I’m thinking, ‘Why would you say that? Are you annoyed at me or are you jealous or what?'”

Finally, McCartney said that he was on good terms with Lennon when he passed away. Their final conversation was about breaking bread. McCartney revealed that if Lennon had passed away when they were not on good terms, he would have felt guilty.

The Almost Beatles Reunion

In October 1971, John Lennon was celebrating his 31st birthday. At that point, The Beatles had been broken up for a year. With members Lennon, McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison all at odds, an unlikely person tried bringing them together.

Lennon’s partner Yoko Ono was holding her This Is Not Here art exhibition in Syracuse, New York at the Everson Museum of Art. She took this opportunity to ask the members to reunite and perform at the gallery. It was unknown if McCartney was planning to attend this reunion.

Aside from the band, The Beatles’ former record label flew in their close friend, Klaus Voorman along with their musicians Nicky Hopkins and Jim Keltner. Unfortunately, Harrison was stuck in England and couldn’t fly out. Lennon and Starr went to the museum, but it was unfortunately canceled. What happened, you ask? Too many fans showed up after hearing a rumor that they were reuniting for one night only. 6,000 people showed up and the event had to be shut down for safety.