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Paul Newman Trends Cause There’s Just Never a Bad Time to Appreciate Him as a True American Icon

by Jacklyn Krol
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Why is Paul Newman trending on Twitter? The answer is simple, why not?

How many celebrities were an actor, film director, race car driver, entrepreneur, and philanthropist? One, Paul Newman.

The conversation kicked off after one Twitter user wanted to poll others by naming the “actor, living or dead, any gender” who was the “greatest combination of acting talent, physical beauty and pure star-power charisma.”

Shortly after tweeting, the responses started rolling. And…a clear winner emerged.

While some people poked fun at the trending topic with sweet photos and gifs, others shared fun facts about Newman. Most people don’t know that he co-founded a nonprofit for children, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

It’s based in Ashford, Connecticut and is a year-round camp serving children who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses and diseases and their families. Their motto is, “To let kids kick back, relax and raise a little hell.”

It serves 20,000 kids annually and it is completely free for the families. The goal is for these kids to experience summer camp and the fun and friendships that go along with it.

Paul Newman was pound for pound one of the best actors, activists we’ve ever had,” one user wrote. “REMEMBER watching his movies with my grandma, HE WAS AND IS AN AMERICAN TREASURE!”

Paul Newman and His Family

Paul Newman was married twice and has a brood of kids. Firstly, he wed Jackie Witte in 1949. They welcomed two daughters together, Susan and Stephanie Kendall, and a son, Scott.

Newman’s son followed in his father’s footsteps. He acted in films like Fraternity Row, Breakheart Pass, and The Towering Inferno. Sadly, he passed away in 1978 from a drug overdose. Paul Newman created the Scott Newman Center which is for drug abuse prevention in his honor.

Susan is also in the entertainment industry. She worked on Broadway in projects such as Slap Shot and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Susan is also a filmmaker. She has done documentaries and even co-produced the Emmy-nominated feature, The Shadow Box.

In 1953, Paul met Joanne Woodward, the actress. They soon wed and were married for 50 years until Paul’s passing in 2008. They welcomed three daughters together, Elinor “Nell” Teresa, Melissa “Lissy” Stewart, and Claire “Clea” Olivia.

Elinor acted when she was a child. Nowadays, she is a biologist and environmentalist. This has to do with her owning the organic food company, Newman’s Own Organics that was previously owned by her dad.

Newman’s Own Foundation has raised over $550 million for charities to date. Reports said that Bob Forrester owned the brand at first, which caused tension, as the daughters wanted to inherit their father’s legacy and work. They have certainly kept his charitable legacy alive.

Melissa is an artist and singer, you may recognize her from Mr. & Mrs. Bridge.