Paul Rudd Is Seemingly Ageless in Viral Photo Alongside Dan Levy

by Anna Dunn

Paul Rudd and Dan Levy were recently spotted eating dinner together, and Rudd looks the same as he always has. Rudd, who’s 52, looks infamously youthful.

The adorable photo of himself and Dan Levy, who’s known for his recent work on Schitt’s Creek along with multiple other projects, was taken by Asama Khan, a London Chef at her restaurant, the Darjeeling Express.

Rudd is known for what seems like countless films and television shows at this point. Some of his best include Ant-Man, Clueless, Anchorman, This is 40, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Rudd was in London while filming the new installment of Ant-Man.

“When Paul Rudd returns to your restaurant and brings Dan Levy with him!!” Khan wrote. Rudd visited the restaurant previously with his kids. According to Khan, he was incredibly kind and took pictures with staff and guests before complimenting the food and heading out.

Fans in the replies were quick to compliment Khan as well as the two stars.

“These two who shine in front of & behind a camera, clearly have the same genius when it comes to selecting restaurants,” one person wrote.

“Congratulations!” another person wrote, “Your food looks amazing, as well as your hospitality.”

Many were also pumped to see that Paul Rudd and Dan Levy were friends. Both have lots of fans, but nobody knew the two really knew each other that well.

“Paul Rudd and Dan Levy eating out of a Thali together is the image I could never imagine,” another person wrote.

But one fan decided to ask an important question.

“HOW DOES PAUL RUDD STILL LOOK 25?!” they wrote. No, but seriously, how? Take a look at this clip of Rudd from an old Nintendo commercial. It’s hard to say how exactly he’s aged since then.

Paul Rudd Handed Out Cookies to Voters Last November

Rudd’s apparent agelessness has been on the meme on the internet for quite some time. And it makes sense why people would be perplexed. But Rudd is more than just a handsome yet eerily timeless face. He’s also known to be quite the stand-up guy.

For instance, last November, Rudd walked around handing cookies to voters in Brooklyn. The stress of voting lines can take a toll, but in November, COVID-19 was on everyone’s minds as well. Rudd, in an effort to make people’s day just a little bit less stressful, handed out cookies to voters while they waited in line.

Rudd thanked those in line for their participation and wished them well.

Whether it’s charming restaurant owners in London while out with a friend or thanking strangers in a voting line, Paul Rudd has an extensive history of making people’s day better. He makes us wish the meme about him being immortal was true.