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Paul Rudd Stands in Rain to Hand Out Cookies to Voters

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

With election day around the corner, voting lines are around the corner, too. Paul Rudd has taken it upon himself to make sure voters get out there. In his most recent attempt, Paul Rudd has taken it to the streets–literally– and this time with cookies. In Brooklyn, Brian Worzenrocel posted a video from the line at the polls of Rudd handing out cookies to the waiting voters. Yes, in the rain and cold, no, not for some reason other than being a good soul.

In most states, early voting has been going for several weeks. On all social media platforms, celebrities, athletes, and public figures alike urge citizens to get out and vote. Likewise, many large corporations, broadcasting companies, and nonprofit organizations pay millions to spread the word to vote. On both sides, individuals and companies endorse candidates and encourage participation in the upcoming election.

Recently, Jack Nicklaus, Herschel Walker, and Jay Cutler have expressed their support for President Trump. On the other hand,  LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Brandon Lloyd have endorsed Senator Biden. No matter who they support, they all plead for Americans to vote.

Amidst this social media storm, voter turnout among young people has surged. Some polls suggest the turnout for early voting has far surpassed that of 2016. This is likely due to the strong encouragement of public figures and large companies to vote. As they all imply, if Paul Rudd can stand in the rain with cookies to give to voters, you can go to your local poll. Additionally, for more voting information, click here.