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Paul Simon Visited Elvis Presley’s Grave Before Writing Classic ‘Graceland’ Album

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Paul Simon and King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley have both become legendary in the realm of music. However, during the former’s musical slump back in 1984, Simon traveled to Presley’s iconic home in Graceland, which held heavy influence over the star’s hit album Graceland in 1986.

According to Express, Paul Simon’s rough patch struck in 1984. The outlet claims that at the time, the iconic half of Simon & Garfunkel was left with no band. Additionally, the star had been navigating a divorce with his former wife, “Star Wars” icon Carrie Fisher.

Of his experience touring Presley’s home, Paul Simon said, “I went there[,] walked around…I was unimpressed. Until you finish the tour and come outside. And then there’s his grave.”

Upon the King’s grave read the lines, “He had a God-given talent that he shared with the world. And without a doubt, he became most widely acclaimed; capturing the hearts of young and old alike.”

At that, the musical star said he broke down. “I just started to cry,” Simon said. “And I thought it’s really true. This guy was loved by everybody.”

The encounter happened at a particularly difficult time in the musician’s life. While he reflected on Presley’s success and how the rock star achieved such legendary heights, the losses Simon had experienced at the time were all the more prevalent.

However, upon his return home, Simon wrote the song “Graceland” in addition to a collection of other songs inspired by his trip to the Tennessee destination. Additionally, the album helps the artist explore his split with Fisher. And later, the “Star Wars” star complimented Graceland. She previously shared, “I do like the songs he wrote about our relationship. Even when he’s insulting me, I like it very much.”

Paul Simon Marks 80th Birthday Milestone

Decades following Paul Simon’s emotional experience in Graceland, the artist has become legendary himself in the realm of music. The artist celebrated his 80th birthday just a few days ago and Outsider wishes Simon all the best in the years to come.

However, milestone birthdays mark an important time for reflection. And at 80 years old, there’s no doubt Paul Simon has seen, heard, and done much throughout his long career.

Simon’s career initially kicked off when he founded the iconic duo, Simon & Garfunkel, decades ago in 1965. However, their partnership didn’t last long as frequent squabbles and disagreements led to their separation in 1970. Nevertheless, the duo’s iconic hit, “Mrs. Robinson,” released in 1968, remains a popular tune half a century later.

Additionally, the 80-year-old artist has earned himself quite the collection of awards and achievements. Most dynamically, Simon has collected an impressive 12 Grammy awards throughout his career.

Additionally, the elderly artist remained touring until several years ago. He concluded annual tours with his Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour. Ultimately, however, Simon continues to play music for crowds at whim, though he has no scheduled tour dates for this year.

Regardless, of Paul Simon’s ups and downs, however, he’s earned himself quite a name in the world of music and we’re incredibly excited to see where the rest of his journey takes him.