Paul Walker’s ‘Fast & Furious’ Mitsubishi Eclipse Could Be Yours for Right Price

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Paul Walker was with the Fast & Furious franchise from the beginning until he tragically passed away in 2013. Utilizing a number of cars in the series, one of the late actor’s Mitsubishi Eclipses he used can be yours, for the right price.

Car Throttle reports the car will go up to auction in January of next year. The Eclipse is one of the six Walker drove in the first film. While you may associate Walker more with a Toyota Supra, the Eclipse is still iconic and memorable. Though it’s unknown how much it will go for, previous cars from the franchise have gone as high as $550,000. The fact Walker drove it and there were only six produced could boost it well over the half-million mark.

Being Brian O’Conner’s signature car in the first movie, he drove it frequently. As an undercover cop, he used it to train for a street race to earn Dom Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) respect. Though he almost destroyed it by overpumping NOS during the race, a rival did total it.

As for Paul Walker, he died in a car crash in November 2013 right before Furious 7’s filming concluded. James Wan headed the production and created 350 extra shots using archived footage, as well as Walker’s two brothers helping with stand-in performances. Since then, Brian O’Conner is alive and living with his family, away from the antics of his former crew.

Regarding the Mitsubishi Eclipse, details are scarce. We do know it sports a 2.0-liter 420A engine at the very least. The sale also includes a Cinema Vehicle Services certificate confirming it is in fact from the movie. The auction’s date is unknown, though it should be the latter half of January 2022.

Vin Diesel Tributed Paul Walker For What Would Have Been His 48th Birthday

September 12 would have been Paul Walker’s 48th birthday. Naturally, his family and loved ones honored him, but many of his friends and co-stars did too. This included Vin Diesel, who made a heartwarming birthday post for the late actor.

Taking to Instagram, he expressed a wish to spend his birthday with Walker, rather than simply honoring and thinking about him.

“So much to tell you… normally I would say you wouldn’t believe how I spent your birthday… but by the safe outcome, I know you were there with me in spirit. Miss you. Always,” Vin Diesel stated.

The picture says it all, really. The two seemed to be as close off the set as they were on it. With it having almost 4 million likes, it’s obvious many outside of Walker’s close circle feel the same way.