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Paulina Gretzky, Fiancée of Dustin Johnson, Stuns in Latest Beverly Hills Bikini Pic

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

OK! We get it! Paulina Gretzky is a gorgeous goddess who doesn’t take a bad picture. Her latest Instagram post is no exception as her toned body, long blonde hair, and tan skin glistening from the sun’s rays create the perfect photo. Best of all, she is rocking a beautifully-constructed cowboy hat that would even stick out in Nashville.

The image is captioned with the actress and model writing, “Bug a Boo.” The rugged and stylish cowboy hat that Paulina Gretzky is modeling is by the brand Caviilou.

California Dreaming With a Rodeo Vibe in New Pic

She wears a brown bikini and light pieces of jewelry and places her hand over the top of the brown cowboy hat. Paulina raises her head to bathe in the sunlight and tilts the brim down over her eyes to block the sun as she lounges on a wooden deck.

The location of the post reads Beverly Hills, California, and the backdrop of the photo shows off the impressive view of bushes, succulents, small trees, and skyscrapers from the city rising through the greenery.

As usual, fans and social media users are blowing up her comment section. The image is attracting quite a bit of attention. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why she has over 987,000 followers on Instagram. Also, she only has 55 photos. She uses her platform to promote herself, along with different brands that pay her to model their items. This includes the designer of the cowboy hat, Caviilou.

Paulina Gretzky Wears Many Hats

The 32-year-old Paulina wears many hats, including being a model, actress, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer. However, her most important job is being the mother of the couple’s two children, Tatum Johnson and River Jones Johnson. It’s hard to believe she’s 32 and the mother of two children.

She is also a cheerleader for her fiancé, Dustin Johnson, who is tearing up the golfing game. He has already claimed 24 PGA Tour wins including two Majors, six WGC titles, the FedEx Cup, and lasted for a significant period as World No.1.

Fiancée of Golfer Justin Johnson and Mother of Two

Paulina is seen at the majority of her fiancé’s golf tournaments. She has also even done a little caddying for Johnson. She has graced the cover of Golf Digest magazine. However, she admits that she wasn’t really into the sport until beginning to date Dustin Johnson.

The two met in 2009. But, they didn’t start dating until 2013. Seven months later they were engaged. Currently, the couple lives in Florida with their kids.