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‘Pawn Stars’ Boss Rick Harrison Is in ‘Motorcycle Heaven’ on Incredible New Bike

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars has been in the business for quite some time. Though he sells the vast majority of items that come into his store, he has his own interests and is an avid collector himself. One of those happens to be a new bike, prompting him to say he’s in “motorcycle heaven.”

Posting a few motorcycle photos to his Instagram account yesterday, Rick Harrison is excited, to say the least. Not only is the bike gorgeous to look at, but an extremely limited quantity was also produced.

“Christmas just came early!” Harrison excitedly captioned the post. “Thank you @daveyfndeals @tracyannwhit @divine1customs and all my other friends who don’t have IG accts lol. Triumph Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen edition #0979 of 1000. Apparently, this beauty sold out in 15 minutes. I’m in motorcycle heaven! 🏍”

Harrison isn’t kidding about the Triumph Scrambler being unique and valuable. Triumph’s official website lists the specs and it’s an impressive bike. Besides it being rare, it includes 1200cc twin engines, 6 riding modes, and impressive traction control. Let’s not forget it’s beautiful, too.

Harrison’s Instagram followers seem to agree and are losing it looking at the bike. The comment section is swimming with heart emojis and people complimenting the sweet ride.

Rick even posted a closeup of the front of the bike so we can get a better look at it and see its production number. The third pic has both him and Davey Deals looking pretty happy riding it together and who could blame them.

It must be nice to have something fall into his lap for once rather than have to haggle for it.

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“For any business: regulation, regulation, regulation,” Harrison started. “Everything is insane. It’s the amount of BS just piled on top of a bigger amount of BS you try and get through to try and stay in business, including the number of tax forms. Most people don’t realize the number of tax forms the small business guy has to go through.”

That’s not even taking into consideration the fees that go with owning and maintaining a business. Taxes are the obvious expenses you’d expect, but many business fees you might not even know exist. “There’s a gazillion different business license fees,” he said. “And just keeping up with all the regulations—it just doesn’t stop.”