‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Asks Fans To Rate His Latest Outfit

by Caitlin Berard

From Gucci Mickey Mouse sweaters to bright yellow sweatpants emblazoned with a giant shark’s jaw, there’s no question that Chumlee has his own style – and is proud of it. The Pawn Stars star regularly takes to Instagram to post his OOTD (outfit of the day). And though he’s made it clear that he needs no one’s permission to dress exactly how he likes, he’s asked fans to rate his most recent choice of fashion.

Seated on a bench surrounding an ornate fountain, Chumlee writes, “I look like my mom lets me dress myself. Rate my outfit 1-10.”

We have to admit, the outfit is…interesting. That said, it takes a lot of self-confidence to match a pair of gold pants with a tie-dye shirt, brown workman’s jacket, and parody McDonald’s hat. So, really, we have no choice but to give the Pawn Stars star two thumbs up. Never stop being you, Chumlee. A true fashion inspiration.

If you’re impressed by Chumlee’s fashion choices and want to incorporate his looks into your own style, you’re in luck! Chumlee owns his own apparel and merch shop called Chumlee Candy Store. In his online shop, you can find everything from hoodies to graphic tees to baby bibs. Throw on a pair of cheetah print joggers with your Chumlee t-shirt and you’re halfway there! you can make anything look good as long as you feel confident wearing it.

Chumlee Isn’t the Only ‘Pawn Stars’ Star With Unique Interests

While Chumlee’s interest in unusual fashion is arguably the most entertaining, he isn’t the only Pawn Stars star with unique hobbies. His co-star, Rick Harrison, recently took to Instagram to show off his newly acquired modified stop sign.

Yep, turns out Harrison has a passion for modern art. His newest acquisition comes from Recycled Propaganda, an art gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. The studio is run by Izaac Zevalking, who is also the sole creator of the art displayed there.

Standing in front of the piece next to its creator, Harrison seems extremely pleased with his purchase. We love to see support for America’s small business owners!

According to the Recycled Propaganda website, Zevalking’s creative focus is on contemporary issues from global history to current affairs. He writes, “often gritty, always thought-provoking, and occasionally shock-inducing imagery, Recycled Propaganda utilizes original digital images conveyed through media ranging from large-scale murals to packs of stickers.  All the imagery is crafted with the intent to “subvert the black and white – fear and fact-based rhetoric that we are so frequently plagued with, into a more eccentric and equivocal one that more accurately reflects our reality.”