‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Makes an Insane Amount Per Episode on the Show

by Amy Myers

It’s no secret that reality stars see some pretty big paychecks from week to week. Whether a judge on a competition show or a broker at a pawn shop, if your story makes it on the screen, you going to see a lot of green. Pawn Stars team member Chumlee is no exception to this rule. In fact, he makes in one episode what other pawn shop workers make in a year.

As Rick Harrison’s right-hand man, Chumlee handles a good chunk of their business when the owner is otherwise occupied. Now an essential part of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Chumlee has racked up a pretty hefty paycheck for himself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Pawn Stars employee makes $25,000 per episode. With 30 episodes a season, that equates to a $5 million salary. And the shop broker isn’t afraid to spend his extra income on a luxurious lifestyle.

Just two years ago, the Pawn Stars celebrity sold his “party palace” in Las Vegas for $1,383,700, most likely in search of something even bigger and better. The home had nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a guesthouse and a pool. Other amenities included a movie-game room, lounge and walk-in vault. Despite the many parties the Pawn Stars celebrity probably had at this palace, the Pawn Stars team member probably wanted to leave his criminal past behind him.

Police Raided ‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee’s Luxurious Las Vegas ‘Party Palace’

If you’re going to name you’re home a party palace, there’s bound to be a few crazy nights and even crazier stories that come from it. Back in 2016, three years before Pawn Stars celebrity Chumlee sold his home, police came to shut down the night’s festivities. Upon raiding the home, cops found drugs and firearms in Chumlee’s possession and arraigned him for the two crimes. While searching the home, officers found paraphernalia in what they deemed the “Chum Chum Room with Dance Pole.”

According to the following report, the seized items included marijuana, methamphetamine, drug pipes and other paraphernalia, ammunition and 12 guns, only four of which were properly registered to the Pawn Star celebrity. The officers suspected that Chumlee had the intent to sell the drugs on his property, as they also found baggies, scales and other similar tools.

Once at the station, police placed a bond on the Pawn Stars team member worth $62,000, or in Chumlee’s world, a little over two episodes worth of cash. In the following years, Chumlee pled guilty to the weapons and drug charges and got rid of his party palace. Probably eager to leave those days behind him, the reality star has since kept out of trouble outside of the shop. A pivotal part of the show, fans seem to have forgiven the star for his past mistakes, hoping to see him beside shop owner Rick Harrison for seasons to come.