‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Once Cruised in Style in a Mercedes Golf Cart

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

In a rare vote of confidence, Rick Harrison sent Chumlee to check out a Mercedes during a Pawn Stars episode from Season 8.

We’re not taking anything away from Chumlee here. The man knows his stuff when it comes to specific fields. He’s got comics, Pokémon, even bikes covered. But a car? That’s a big step up.

“We got a call from a guy selling his Mercedes, and I guess Rick knows how much I appreciate German engineering because he sent me out to look at it by myself,” said Chumlee.

And what did the Pawn Stars personality find when he showed up? A beautiful 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SL, a true classic. The only problem is the car was miniaturized. Well, it wasn’t quite a car at all. It was a golf cart. But a well-built, German engineered specimen of one at least.

Chumlee took the luxury vehicle for a spin and was pleased with what he found. The Mercedes had a top speed of roughly 15 miles per hour, typical for a cart its size. Unfortunately, it ran on an electric motor. How cool would an actual, tiny Renault engine under the hood of this thing be? Take a look below.

Chumlee Buys a Mercedes

Even with the Mercedes being a golf cart, the asking price was pretty high for a typical Chumlee deal. So Rick sending Chum out was still a vote of confidence, in a way.

Pawn Stars kept this negotiation short and sweet. The owner wanted $3,500 for the cart. Chum countered with $2,600. The owner tried to get him up by coming back with $2,800, but Chum held firm, and the pair struck a deal at $2,600.

Bear in mind, the golf cart in question is a bit of an antique at this point. Season 8 of Pawn Stars came in 2013, and the Mercedes was modeled after a 1986 car. These days, Mercedes is bringing something a little more impressive to the golf cart game.

The storied car manufacturer teamed up with a company named Garia to make a true luxury golf cart. Called a “Golf Car,” these bad boys can get up to $80,000. It’s probably good that Chumlee didn’t find himself face to face with one of those.

Rick Isn’t Cautious on ‘Pawn Stars’ Without Reason

Not letting Chumlee make huge deals isn’t personal for Rick Harrison. Heck, even the Pawn Stars boss relies on an army of experts to help him out. The pawn industry is rife with counterfeit items and people who are up to no good.

“You know, you just live and learn. That’s kinda how it works. You don’t have a pawn broker school where they teach you that. It’s all trial and error. As many big scores that I’ve gotten, I’ve been burned a lot, too,” Corey told When in Manila a few years ago.