‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Once Got on the Bad Side of a Candy Pez Collector

by Courtney Blackann

Not everyone who walks into the “Pawn Stars” Las Vegas shop is going to get what they ask for. Truly, it’s a game of negotiation. And the staff know better than anyone, they’re in business to make a profit. This means, if a customer demands too much for an item, they’re ultimately going to pass.

This is exactly what happened to one collector who took himself a bit too seriously. If you’ve ever watched the show, you know Corey Harrison (Rick’s son) and Chumlee are a couple of goofballs. Of course, they’re going to joke around with potential customers.

However, during one episode of the show (aired in 2018) Chumlee pushes the collector too far – and gets on his bad side.

It all began when a very proud collector entered the store with his Pez collection from the 1960s. Each candy dispenser was kept with its original box in a pristine container. He has popular figures like Mickey Mouse and Batman.

Chumlee playfully asks the owner of the collection if there’s any candy inside the dispensers. The owners says there aren’t. Chumlee then dryly quips, “What good are candy dispensers without candy?”

The collector is less than pleased. Ultimately, Corey Harrison offers the man $1,000 for his collection of Pez dispensers. The owner scoffs and says no deal. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

‘Pawn Stars” Customer Duped by Reproduction

Speaking of a collector being less than pleased, sometimes customers think they’re in possession of a priceless item – and they’re quickly corrected by the “Pawn Stars” experts.

This was the case with the Japanese Katana sword. A man was sure he picked up a priceless weapon dating back to the year 1200. Swords of that era are very valuable and can be worth anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Hitting the lottery like that just isn’t likely.

However, when the man brought in his Katana sword, it did appear very unusual. It was heavy, elaborate, and seemed to fit the era. But Corey Harrison has been in the game a while. He wasn’t going to pay the man without first bringing in an expert.

And he’s glad he did. In just a few minutes, the expert on Japanese weaponry quickly spotted a few flaws. First, the signature on the sword didn’t match any known swordsman of the time period. Further, the markings appeared to be fabricated. In other words, the expert said it was a replica of the valuable Japanese swords.

Further, the supposed priceless Katana was made in China. However, this was no old replica. The “Pawn Stars” expert said it appeared to be made in the last 15 years. This sure burst the customer’s bubble. However, the customer was good-natured about the whole thing.