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‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Once Met a Mega ‘Simpsons’ Collector

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

The Pawn Stars crew sees strange and magnificent collections all the time, though one episode featured something truly incredible. In season 17, Chumlee came face to face with one of the biggest Simpsons collections you’ll likely ever see.

Eric’s (the seller) collection was so big it took up several countertops of space. The figure collection had releases spanning from 1999-2004. Called the “World of Springfield” line, it had a whopping 203 figures and 40 interactive playsets. After a brief history of the show, Eric tells Chumlee he started collecting 20 years ago. Eric doesn’t have the complete collection but did bring in 133 pieces.

Despite having 133 figures, Eric said he wanted $2,000 for all of them. Though a good price, Chum brings up a great point that it’s a lot to move and sell. It could end up being more of a hassle since there are so many figures. As per the usual, Chum calls in an expert.

Steve Johnston, the owner of Rogue Toys, comes in to give a good estimate for the collection. Clearly impressed by it, Johnston still has some unfortunate news. Many times toys and games will accrue value in time, but in this case, it’s the opposite. Johnston says at retail, it’s probably worth about $2,200, meaning Eric likely won’t be getting his $2,000.

Indeed, Chumlee tosses out $700 after hearing the appraisal. Eric, clearly displeased, asks for $1,000 instead. Chum asks for $950 but after some mild haggling, the two settle for $1,000. Eric was ultimately happy, but the same can’t be said for Rick and Corey. However, Chumlee used his dog Pinky for a photoshoot with the pieces and as it turns out, buyers were willing to shell out an extra $10 for the dog’s autograph.

Rick Harrison Explains How Chumlee Got His Job on the Show

Chumlee is a Pawn Stars show staple and it’s difficult to imagine the show without him. That raises an interesting question: how did he end up with the job in the first place?

Most Pawn Stars crew are family members, so how did Chumlee become invaluable to the store? In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Rick Harrison provided some backstory with Chum. According to Harrison, he began working there about five years before the show’s first season. Corey and Chumlee were childhood friends, meaning he was already well-acquainted with the Harrison family.

When asked if everyone got along, Rick replied “They actually like each other, yes. They drive each other nuts over the way they dress, though. I mean Chumlee is always saying, ‘Come on, just please, go out and buy a nice suit.’ And The Old Man says, ‘As long as you get one with me.'”

Harrison reports they’re basically family, to the point they expect Chum to be there on holidays like Christmas.