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‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee’s Incredible Weight-Loss Transformation on Display in New Pic With Rick Harrison

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

In the earlier Pawn Stars episodes, Chumlee was a bigger guy. Nonetheless, as the years progressed, he changed his lifestyle, leading to incredible weight loss. In a new pic with co-star Rick Harrison, you can really see how far he’s come.

A recent Instagram post by Harrison shows a photo of him and Chumlee enjoying a meal together after seeing something Disney-related. “Chum and I get a hankering for big turkey legs after taking a look at an extraordinary Disney collection. All NEW episode of Pawn Stars 10/16 @ 9/8c on @history,” Harrison captioned the post.

It’s hard to discern what the two are feeling, but Chum seems pretty content at least. Then again, who wouldn’t be if they got to gorge on giant turkey legs? Maybe Harrison is thinking about the next deal he’ll make? Or maybe he’s eyeing Chum’s turkey leg for himself. Either way, the two appear happy.

Pawn Stars fans are fixated on the turkey legs as well if the post’s comments are anything to go by. “That’s not a Turkey leg, this is a Turkey leg Mick Dundee style,” one user writes, while another simply calls the two “vikings.”

Regardless, after looking at a Disney collection, perhaps we’ll see more memorabilia on the show?

Chumlee’s Huge Weight Loss: Gastric Sleeve Surgery and a Healthier Lifestyle

Shedding as much weight as Chumlee has over the years is nowhere near easy. In a recent interview, he attributes it to gastric sleeve surgery and living a much healthier lifestyle.

Speaking to TMZ, Chum detailed his weight loss journey. Pawn Stars fans may have noticed Corey similarly lost weight and Chum’s decision to do so began with him. Sadly, the tried and true method of counting calories and limiting processed foods didn’t seem to cut it for him. He even noted to the outlet his weight sometimes would change by 100 pounds at a time. Once he hit 350, he knew something drastic had to be done.

Tired of losing weight, only to gain it right back, he got gastric sleeve surgery. For those who don’t know, it removes a decent chunk of your stomach, meaning you literally cannot overeat like you previously could. With the surgery’s help, he lost a whopping 160 pounds. However, that isn’t the only change he made. He said he ate clean, healthier foods, making him healthier internally while dropping the pounds.

Chumlee also noted he couldn’t have done it without the support he received. The people closest to him help push him and keep him focused on his weight loss goals. In the end, both he and Corey are substantially thinner and healthier than they once were.