‘Pawn Stars’: Corey Harrison, Shop Once Made Thousands off a Box of Photos That Turned Out to Be Special

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

Out of all the items Corey Harrison has seen on Pawn Stars, a box of photos was possibly his most memorable.

Pawn Stars Silver and Gold Pawn Shop has seen a lot of interesting memorabilia over the years. The guys have seen an $18k Spanish Empire Peru Gold Coin and even a $2.5 million three-piece suit worn by George Washington. So there have been a lot of interesting and historical moments.

But Corey Harrison said a favorite buy was a box of photos.

While talking to When in Manila, Corey remembered someone bringing in a shoebox full of “really neat photo prints.” And among them were photos from early Native Americans. Corey found out that the pictures were taken by world-famous photographer Edward Curtis, who primarily captured the American West. Each picture was worth about $10k, which ended up yielding a huge profit.

Another time, a client walked into the shop to sell “a piece of wood with a blue dog painted on it.” Corey thought his big brother would like it, so he bought it as a gift. But later, Corey found out that the painting was done by a Manhattan artist named Blue Dog. And he sold the wood for $1k.

‘Pawn Stars’: Corey Harrison Speaks on Making Major Lifestyle Change After an Alarming Doctor’s Visit

Corey Harrison had a sobering visit with his doctor a few years ago. The Pawn Stars star went for his routine checkup when he turned 31 and learned he was pre-diabetic. From that day on, he vowed to make a major lifestyle change.

When Pawn Stars first aired, Corey Harrison was dubbed “Big Hoss.” Corey, owner Rick Harrison’s son, weighed in at 400 lbs and lived off of fast food. But during his check-up, Corey’s doctor told him that he would develop type two diabetes if he didn’t lose weight fast.

The news hit Corey hard, and he made a commitment to his health on his way home from the appointment.

“Literally, I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, kind of freaked out about it, and I see the place where they do lap band [surgeries], and I just pulled in and said, ‘What does it take to have the surgery?’ ” he told Good Morning America. “I didn’t have much money at the time. I pulled out four credit cards and put it on that, and there you go!”

Corey had the surgery and lost 200 lbs. More importantly, he’s remained dedicated and he’s kept the weight off. Corey’s transformation inspired co-star Chumlee to drop some weight too. By 2014, Chumlee had lost 100 lbs and is still living a healthier lifestyle to this day.

“Chum kind of thought we were gonna be fat guys together forever or something,” Corey continued. “I’m proud of him. He did it all with diet and exercise… [but] he’s the sidekick! Let’s not forget that!”