‘Pawn Stars’ Drops Epic Throwback Pic of ‘Full of Hair Rick’ and the ‘Iconic Pat Morita’

by John Jamison

Believe it or not, “Pawn Stars” fans, there was a time when Rick Harrison had a full head of hair on that glistening dome of his. Not only that, but apparently young Rick was also fortunate enough to mix it up with the one and only Noriyuki “Pat” Morita. That would be Mr. Miyagi, to any “The Karate Kid” detractors out there.

We know. It’s near impossible to picture the “Pawn Stars” …star with a mop on his head. But the photo evidence doesn’t lie. Fans of the show have never had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Rick in his glory days. Long-running as “Pawn Stars” is, it’s only been on TV since 2009. And by then, it was too late.

Now, however, the show’s official Twitter account is diving deep into the photo album and sharing a picture that at the same time both surprised and delighted fans.

“A very young, head full of hair Rick with the iconic Noriyuki “Pat” Morita. It sure was a “happy day!,” the caption read.

The post came following the double-header premiere of “Pawn Stars” Season 19 on Saturday night. And fittingly, a customer brought a collection of Pat Morita memorabilia into the shop. The late actor is an icon among those of the “Happy Days” and “The Karate Kid” generation. He, unfortunately, passed away in 2005 at the age of 73.

But the action didn’t stop at that collection. The premiere saw vintage comic books, a book by Amelia Earhart, and of course, a trip to the dunes. Rick even took to Instagram to share a picture of the monster dune buggy he and his son took for a spin in the episode.

‘Pawn Stars’ Favorite Chumlee Reflects on His Time With the Show

Austin “Chumlee” Russell has been a regular fixture at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop since “Pawn Stars” began in 2009. Now, more than 630 episodes later, he’s still going strong. These days, he’s hardly recognizable from his first appearance on the show.

13 years can do wonders for anyone, but Chumlee used the time to work on himself and get in shape. Now, he’s enjoying his status as a celebrity of the pawn world. And even though he considered branching out to pursue his own solo opportunities, he’s excited to be part of “Pawn Stars.” In fact, he can hardly believe the show’s still going.

“Honestly, when I look back 13 years ago, when this all started, I thought we’d be done by now. I thought, if anything, I would be off doing some dumb show of my own,” Chumlee told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But we’re still making ‘Pawn Stars,’ and I’m loving it. Every year is better than the year before.”