‘Pawn Stars’: This Epic Motorcycle Is the Ultimate Ride

by Jonathan Howard

While a lot of the items on Pawn Stars are brought into the shop, some are too large. Like this James Caan motorcycle.

One seller decided to bring in his 2006 Thunder Cycle. It was built for the actor, Caan, and came with a sick blue paint job. Apparently, Caan started riding as soon as he legally could, at 18. It was a completely custom bike that came with a signature fat back tire indicative of Eddie Trotta’s designs.

Corey was the guy that took care of things here. The bike was roughly $60k brand new and the owner selling it got it for $49k. Harrison briefly referenced the American Choppers guys. There were a lot of custom motorcycles made throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. It isn’t an easy sell either way for the Pawn Stars crew.

You have got to check out this bike for yourself. Check out the video below and see for yourself. Is the store going to get the bike, or will Corey just take this one home for himself?

While at one point in time, the motorcycle would have brought in a ton of money, the market has just turned on this. So, what happened here was the times passing it by. Those fat tires are not in style and smaller, mid-century style bikes are more fashionable. When he was faced with a low offer, the customer decided to take his bike and go home.

So, a deal didn’t happen here. In fact, the James Caan connection made no difference. While it was a neat piece, it just wasn’t the right time to sell. Maybe he’ll come back around to Pawn Stars if the scene goes back to choppers like his.

‘Pawn Stars’ Lead Man Taking it Easy

In recent days, Rick Harrison seems to be relaxing and taking time away from Pawn Stars. When Rick doesn’t want to be in the pawnshop, what does he do? Well, there are a few things that he is capable of doing in his spare time.

Of course, he has his BBQ restaurant. I mean, it is right next to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, so maybe it isn’t the best place to “get away”. But recently, he was spending some time at another nearby location. A new skateboard shop opened up nearby his neck of the desert. It got the official Harrison endorsement.

Then again, there is the cabin in Oregon that Harrison frequents. That’s the best place to go for when he is trying to get away from the heat and the sand and all the usual stuff that he has to deal with as a member of the Pawn Stars. Maybe he found some time to ride one of his motorcycles in recent days.