‘Pawn Stars’: Fan-Favorite Star From Show Also Opened Up Candy Store Near Pawn Shop

by Kati Michelle

“Pawn Stars” fan-favorite Austin “Chumlee” Russel is the owner of a whimsical side business in addition to his notorious work as a pawnbroker at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Named “Chumlee’s Candy On the Blvd,” the business was actually birthed back in 2017 alongside Chumlee’s business partner and younger brother, Sage.

Between the endless jars of licorice, taffy, and hot tamales, the tiny candy shop also features different sodas adored by the owners. What’s more, there is an entire line of quirky “Chumlee” merchandise for sale including keychains and bobbleheads. The brothers are heavily involved in the day to day business and make frequent appearances to not only work, but interact with fans and take photos as well.

Watch Chumlee give a quick tour here:

The ‘Pawn Star’ Icon’s Inspiration

In talking to the Las Vegas Review Journal shortly after the candy shop’s conception, the “Pawn Star” icon revealed where the inspiration behind the business venture came from. It was honestly very simple, he says. “I wanted to start a candy shop, and here we are. My brother and I wanted to do something fun, and candy is fun.”

He also adds there are some layers of nuance, of course, because you never really know how a career in entertainment might go. Even with all the success of the previous seasons, renewals with History weren’t always guaranteed. Essentially, the show came with risks and the business(es) did too. Actually, before the birth of the candy shop, the location temporarily housed a different venture. “Pawn Donut & Coffee” sadly did not make it.

The candy shop, on the other hand, has seen steady success for a handful of years now. In fact, Chumlee reports up to 5,000 candy shop visitors a day at the height of filming “Pawn Stars” nearby.

Spin-off Possibilities

Chumlee sat down with Looper earlier this year for a lengthy interview. During the conversation, the idea of spin-offs came up. Chumlee provided the following answer when asked if he would consider a candy shop “Pawn Stars” spin-off series:

“I would do a spinoff show, but everyone says the grass is greener on the other side. But we love doing Pawn Stars, takes us about seven months to film it out of the year. I just don’t know if there’s enough in the candy shop, it’s in the shipping container right there. What I think we should do is a spinoff of the whole pawn [area]. There’s the barbecue next to me, I’ve got the candy shop, you know what I mean, Corey can have the pizza.”

While the uncertainty of the series’ future looms in the air, there’s still some time left to binge the official “Pawn Stars” series in the next couple of weeks before it leaves Netflix on September 14th.