‘Pawn Stars’ Fans Drop Hilarious Reactions to Chumlee’s New Pic With Corey Harrison

by Madison Miller

“Pawn Stars” fans are having a field day commenting on the new picture of Chumlee and Corey uploaded to Instagram. The photo features the two walking together. Chumlee has his hand up mid-conversation in an awkward position. What really ties the whole thing together is the fact that Chumlee is wearing a bright tie-dye shirt with the words “Believe Can” written on them.

The image looks like something out of a motivational book. Chumlee challenged fans by captioning the photo, “What do you think I was saying to @realcoreyharrison???”

Fans had some pretty interesting theories, too. One person commented, “I built this building.” Someone else tied it all to the epic shirt and wrote, “Believe, or not believe. That is the question.”

Another person was set on believing that Chumlee had to be talking about some pigeons on the roof. Meanwhile, another person thought it had to make it all emotional. “The old man is up there smiling down on us Corey!”

This is referring to Richard Harrison, Rick Harrison’s father that was once a regular part of the series. He passed away in June 2018.

Chumlee’s Appearance on ‘Pawn Stars’

In many ways, Chumlee’s appearance on “Pawn Stars” all these years has been a really fun added bonus.

The show is all about family. This Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas has been kept in the family for three generations and will likely continue to follow along this path. We see a lot of hilarious banter that makes sense between a group of fathers and sons.

Then, there’s Chumlee. He truly offers something hilarious and special to “Pawn Stars.” As it turns out, he was only going to appear in a few scenes of the longtime series. He helps add a non-family component to the entire situation.

In addition, Chumlee spoke about the experience in an interview with The Las Vegas Review-Journal. The show was trying to pick who the last member of the show would be among all the workers currently employed at the shop.

“They were making a short episode, and we had about 12 employees at the time. They went through everybody, saying, ‘All right, who’s going to be our fourth member?’ I didn’t watch too much TV, but I decided I’d go watch some TV, some reality shows, and I kind of realized what was missing was the funny part of the show, the whipping boy is what I called it at the time. Someone they could make fun of and laugh with,” Chumlee said.

A short appearance on an early episode became something far more permanent in future seasons.