‘Pawn Stars’: Full Recap of Newest Episode ‘Wanted: Pawned or Alive’

by Jonathan Howard

Over at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, the Pawn Stars are always ready to buy the best and rarest items. If they can make money, they want it. That means that they buy all kinds of items. When buying an item they think about the price and how long it will sit. Items that sit on the shelf long, don’t make money.

So, with a new episode of Pawn Stars airing on History Channel last night, a new batch of items came through. The episode title, Wanted: Pawned or Alive contained rare items from a variety of genres. There were some presidential collectibles, military garb, a crazy Disney collection, and more. It took the whole team’s effort in order to land these great items.

First thing, Rick Harrison becomes enamored with a Super Bowl bucket hat. As the customer came into the shop, Rick was ready to suit up and crack some pads. However, that was just a small taste of what was to come. While Chumlee and Corey worked the main floor, their friend Spencer came in with some great finds. Spencer is a bit of a picker and has brought items in before. This time, he had a great trio of items. Starting with an Incredible Hulk comic book, the Pawn Stars were immediately interested.

Along with the 1970s comic featuring Wolverine, were a set of presidential trading cards. Each was in a protective sleeve and they were early-1900s. With about 10 presidential cards, the set was far from complete. However, Corey was interested in them. Finally, the best item that Spencer brought. A Vietnam War-era green beret cap with stitching and more on the inside. The item is truly unique and got the guys wanting to know more about the item.

‘Pawn Stars’ Disney Collection

At times, the Pawn Stars have to venture away from the shop. Usually when someone has a large item, collection, or a vehicle to show Rick and company. Occasionally, they take a ride out in the desert with a potential car or truck they want to buy. Other times, a collector has too much stuff to simply bring items into the shop. So, they take a field trip out and get to the source.

This time, the trip was to a private Disney collection at someone’s home. Rick and Corey teamed up on the trip and were taken back by what they saw. There were all kinds of movie posters from the mid-1900s, props from movies, and even carts from two old Disney amusement rides. This was a serious collection that filled basically an entire house. The Harrisons were excited to be looking over the memorabilia.

One of the things that got Corey’s attention was a set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pencil holders. He really took to the items, meant to hold common desk items. Rarely is the collection an entire set, but of course, this one was. Disney is so collectible and the Pawn Stars are willing to spend some cash in order to get the items.